Special Attack (Generation 3)

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For Special Attack Bakugan from Generation 1, see Special Attack (Generation 1).
Mantid, one of many Special Attack Bakugan in Generation 3

In Generation 3 Special Attack Bakugan are a type of Bakugan. They can be seen as the G3 equivalent of Generation 2's Ultra Bakugan.

They are made up of three parts: the Special Attack Bakugan Top, the Special Attack Bakugan Bottom, and the Special Attack Power Ring. The Special Attack Bakugan Bottoms have a tip for spinning, and feature a Turbine-like gyroscope inside that can be wound up by rip cord. Unlike Turbine Bakugan, their gyroscopes are way larger.

Special Attack Bakugan come in three types: G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Gold Special Attack, G3 Titanium SA Symbol.png Titanium Special Attack, and G3 GoldTitanium SA Symbol.png Gold & Titanium Special Attack. Special Attack Bakugan have either gold, silver, or both gold and silver added to their color scheme depending on their type and typically come with a Special Attack Bakugan Bottom of the same type.

Special Attack Bakugan Bottoms can have the same mold appear as different types, Unlike Specical Attack Bakugan Tops where the same mold is always the same type.

Physical Game[edit]

In the physical game the Bakugan itself is represented by the Special Attack Bakugan Top while the Special Attack Bakugan Bottom instead represents the Bakugan's Special Attack, a weapon or piece of equipment the Bakugan uses similar to Baku-Gear or Battle Gear.

Special Attack Bakugan Bottoms come in a variety of colors, in the main line those colors are: Gold for Gold Special Attacks, Silver for Titanium Special Attacks, and Clear for Diamond and Galactic variants.

In the Street Brawl line the Special Attack Bakugan Bottom is typically the same color as the Special Attack Bakugan Top it came with.

In the B.A.M. Boost line the Special Attack Bakugan Bottom is always blue.

Regardless of the plastic color the spinning disk inside of Special Attack Bakugan Bottoms usually matches the bottoms type. Being gold for Gold Special Attack, silver for Titanium Special Attack, and gold with silver markings for Gold & Titanium Special Attack. the disks in Galactic bottoms have space printing. The one exception to this are the disks from Special Attack Bakugan Bottoms in the B.A.M. Boost line which all have gold disks despite the cards showing them as Gold & Titanium Special Attacks.

Alongside a normal Bakugan Character Card, Special Attack Bakugan come packed with a Special Attack Card that represents the Special Attack Bottom and the Power Ring. When a Special Attack Bakugan is spun onto the field you add the score from the Special Attack Card to the Character Card.

List of Special Attack Bakugan[edit]

Special Attack Top[edit]

Special Attack Bottom[edit]