Blaze Swords

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Blaze Swords

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Blaze Swords is a sword based Gold Special Attack that debuts in the Third Generation of Bakugan Product. It is one of the Special Attacks that belongs to Dragonoid.

Physical Game[edit]

Card Toy Color Name Icon-heart.png Icon-fire.png Icon-spark.png Availability
Blaze Swords (M01 09 SA).png ???.png Special Attack (Gold) Blaze Swords 100 300 100
  • Wave 1
    • Red Special Attack (Gold) Dragonoid Single Pack
Diamond Blaze Swords (M01 62 SA).png Gold Blaze Swords (Orange Ring) (Front).png Special Attack (Gold) DiamondBlaze Swords 100 400 200
  • Wave 1
    • Diamond Special Attack (Gold) Dragonoid and Green Special Attack (Gold) Bruiser Battle Pack
???.png ???.png Special Attack (Gold) Blaze Swords (Street Brawl) 100 300 200
  • Wave 1
    • Street Brawl Red Special Attack (Gold) Dragonoid Single Pack
???.png ???.png Special Attack (Gold and Titanium) Blue Blaze Swords (B.A.M. Boost) 300 100 200
  • Wave 1
    • B.A.M. Boost Special Attack (Titanium) Dragonoid VS Hammerhead Expert Pack


  • Early versions of DiamondBlaze Swords were printed with the name "DiamondSun-Slinger".
    • The name Sun-Slinger was later used for Trox' Gold Special Attack weapon.
  • The B.A.M. Boost Expert Pack that contains Blaze Swords comes with a blue version of the bottom for Chrom-Wings instead, it is unknown if the correct bottom exists.