B.A.M. Boost

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B.A.M. Boost, or Bakugan Ability Modification Boost, is a Special Treatment/Variant first introduced in Bakugan. They are translucent Bakugan with blue metallic paint, the Color of B.A.M. Boost Bakugan is based on the Bakugan's Clan. B.A.M. Boost Bakugan are Walmart exclusive.

List of B.A.M. Boost Product Types[edit]

Brawl Bros[edit]

These packs come with two Core Bakugan.

Expert Pack[edit]

These packs come with one Special Attack Bakugan and one Core Bakugan.

Deluxe Training Set[edit]

These sets come with one Special Attack Bakugan and two Core Bakugan. As well as a special colored version of a Training Set with additional Sparring Totems.

List of B.A.M. Boost Bakugan[edit]


Special Attack Top[edit]

Special Attack Bottom[edit]