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A Clan is a family of Bakugan in the Third Generation of Bakugan, starting in Bakugan. Clans are generally organized by Bakugan species or appearance, with the Misfit Clan encompassing and allowing members from any Clan. Colors do not correspond to Clans, unlike Attributes/Factions.

List of Clans[edit]

Name Symbol Description
Aquatic Clan Aquatic Clan symbol (colored).png The Aquatic Clan encompasses aquatic Bakugan.
Avian Clan Avian Clan symbol (colored).png The Avian Clan encompasses flying or otherwise airborne Bakugan.
Dino Clan Dino Clan symbol (colored).png The Dino Clan encompasses prehistoric Bakugan.
Dragon Clan Dragon Clan symbol (colored).png The Dragon Clan encompasses draconic Bakugan.
Insect Clan Insect Clan symbol (colored).png The Insect Clan encompasses bug-like Bakugan.
Mammal Clan Mammal Clan symbol (colored).png The Mammal Clan encompasses mammalian Bakugan.
Misfit Clan Misfit Clan symbol (colored).png The Misfit Clan encompasses Bakugan or Brawlers who do not fit into any of the other Clans. This symbol appears on cards as a secondary Clan symbol, denoting that the Bakugan belongs to the Misfit Clan.