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For variants in Legacy/Generation 1 continuity, see Special Treatment.

A Variant (Unofficial name) is a Bakugan from the Second Generation and Third Generation of Bakugan that have some type of distinguishing outward feature. Unlike the Legacy Special Treatments, these variants do not typically come with any gameplay functions.

Generation 2[edit]



This section of page lists some special cases of Bakugan, that can be considered variant, but their special features were limited to only one mold each appeared in:

  • Cloptor and Cloptor Ultra have white paint on their eye in any Faction. During Bakugan: Battle Planet white did not appear on Bakugan outside of the Haos Faction.
  • Cloptor Ultra's shooting eye feature is exclusive to that mold. No other Bakugan in Reboot franchise so far has a similar feature.
  • All Versions of Armored Alliance Nillious and Nillious Ultra have orange eyes on the right side head regardless of Faction.
  • Nillious x Eenoch uses its Faction's secondary color as its primary similar to Flip Bakugan from the Legacy series.
  • All Versions of Geogan Rising Nillioius and Ultra Nillious have orange eyes on the middle and right side heads regardless of faction. This does not carry over to the Bakugan: Evolutions version of core Nillious.
  • Cosplay Cubbos each have unique painting, that don't always correspond with the rest of the Faction.
  • GeoForge Dragonoid has metal insert like Platinum Bakugan. Unlike those, his metal insert is not painted, and he uses opaque plastic similar to Platinum Power Up Bakugan.
  • The core version of Howlkor x Serpenteze that comes with the Battle League Coliseum has a unique color scheme, using metallic dark grey as its base color with accents of metallic green and purple, as well as the more standard purple and lime for Darkus and gold and silver for Aurelus.
  • The Arcleon that comes in the Geogan Rising Unbox & Brawl Pack is a slightly lighter shade of red then the normal version.