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Pyrus Translucent Bakugan

Translucent Bakugan, also known as Glow or Lyte in New Vestroia, are a type of Special Treatment Bakugan.

Generation 1[edit]

At the beginning of battle can either choose to keep their assigned Attribute or change it to their opponent's. They are as their name says, Translucent. Another name for Translucent is Lyte. Besides the regular one there are four more types of Translucent Bakugan which function with no differences, namely Neon, Glow, Solar and Phantom.

Translucent Bakugan are called Clear/C in Sega Toys products. Unlike Spin Master rules, Translucent Bakugan have no effect in any battle, like most treatments in Sega Toys version of the game. There are Japan exclusive Translucent Bakugan types such as Clear Blue and Yellow Clear. During the promotion for New Vestroia in Japan, translucent Pyrus Ultra Dragonoids and translucent Darkus Percival with limited edition Ability Cards were handed out to winners of the online campaign in the official website.


Neon Bakugan are Translucent Bakugan with fluorescent plastic instead of the usual one. Neon Treatment is exclusive to Pyrus, Aquos and Ventus. It is sometimes hard to distinguish Aquos and Pyrus neon Bakugan from normal translucent ones, due to them having very similar colors - neon Pyrus and Aquos Bakugan are jus a bit brighter. They are first released in BakuNeon series. Bakugan released in this treatment are:


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BakuSolar are Translucent Bakugan in solar orange color and yellow highlight but not always in Pyrus. It was released in the second B3 Wave but its release didn't last long. Bakugan that were available in Solar treatment are Freezer, Ultra Dragonoid, Stug, Atmos, Hyper Dragonoid, Viper Helios, Shadow Vulcan, Abis Omega, Ingram, and Myriad Hades.


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BakuPhantom is translucent Bakugan released as a part of the Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. Bakugan that were available in Phantom treatment include Skytruss, Jaakor, Kodokor, Mutabrid, Titanium Dragonoid, Alpha Hydranoid, and all BakuMutant. This Special Treatment is also planned to be applied not only for normal Bakugan, but but also for some Bakugan Battle Suit, such as Defendtrix and Combustoid.

Japanese Exclusive[edit]

A Translucent Pyrus Helios MkII, featuring Translucent Black plastic

There are multiple translucent bakugan released only in Japan, that stand out from any actual Translucent treatment. For example, series of 7 translucent 28mm Bakugan with no paint applied to them, that were prises on tournaments in Japan. Also there are multiple translucent Bakugan that do not follow traditional colors for the Translucent of their Attribute (like translucent purple Darkus Bakugan), or even the cases when colors of the Bakugan just don't correspond to their Attribute at all (for example, clear blue Pyrus Flare Dragaon or black clear Gear-Compatible Helios Mk II).

Generation 2[edit]

In Generation 2, Translucent Bakugan first came back in form of Diamond, clear-like treatment similar to some 28mm Special Attack Bakugan, as well as Limited Edition set of 3 Dragonoid toys made of neon red plastic. During the Bakugan: Armored Alliance, second season of Reboot, normal translucent bakugan made their come back. Any non-Aurelus, non-Fusion Bakugan printed from Armored Elite Wave 2 and onwards that came with gear in set was printed in translucent color. Normal translucent Bakugan also appeared in Bakugan: Evolutions in Mythic and Platinum form, and in Bakugan: Legends as a variant of Haos Bakugan.


Elemental Serpillious Ultra, an example of an Elemental Bakugan
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In Bakugan: Geogan Rising, normal translucent Bakugan were replaced with Variant called Elemental - those were translucent bakugan that had highlights in form of element patterns, like fire for Pyrus or purple smoke for Darkus.

Generation 3[edit]

Translucent Bakugan returned in Generation 3 through chase variants such as Diamond and Galactic, as well as in store-exclusive packs, such as Street Brawl packs.