Pyro Dragonoid

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Pyro Dragonoid
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Torpedor Dragonoid


Pyro Dragonoid (Japanese version Chaos Dragonoid (カオス・ドラゴノイド, Kaosu Doragonoido?)) is a variation of Dragonoid.



Pyro Dragonoid has extra wings for greater speed. Its golden tipped wings can deflect enemy fire. The diamond on its forehead can shoot fire in return. Its tail can regrow if broken off.

Physical Game[edit]

The Pyrus version (In the BakuCrystal Series) has 660 Gs. The Pyrus version (In Baku-Tin) has 600 Gs. The Pyrus version (With Deka Gate Card) has 650 Gs. The Pyrus version (BakuBoost Translucent) has 630 Gs. The Pyrus version (Translucent) has 500 Gs. The Pyrus version (New Vestroia Starter Pack) has 410,530 or 710 Gs.

The Darkus version has 530 Gs from Battle Pack.

The Aquos BakuBoost version has 630 Gs.

The Haos version has 560 Gs.

The Subterra version has 530 Gs.

The Ventus version has 460 Gs, 600 Gs, or 650 Gs.

The Clear version has 670 Gs.

Japanese Release[edit]

The Pyrus version in BBT-01 and BST-01 comes with 340 Gs or 380 Gs.

The Haos version in BBT-05 comes with 500 Gs.

The Darkus version in BST-14 comes with 500 Gs or 520 Gs.


  • It is the only version of Dragonoid that does not have legs in ball form.
  • Its design is vastly similar to Midnight Percival's, though Pyro Dragonoid does not have feet and its wings move to the front.
  • Its prototype name was Motra.
  • In Japan, it is called 'Chaos Dragonoid'.
  • According to Bakugan Dimensions, Pyro Dragonoid evolves into Hyper Dragonoid. Whether this is legitimate or not was never confirmed.