Maxus Cross Dragonoid

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Maxus Cross Dragonoid
Cross maxus dragonoid.jpg
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Attribute Variations Subterra, Haos, Darkus, Aquos, Ventus
Power 3700 Gs
Variations Dragonoid
Delta Dragonoid
Ultimate Dragonoid
Perfect Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid
Infinity Dragonoid
Hyper Dragonoid
Pyro Dragonoid
Ultra Dragonoid
Spin Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid Vortex
Ultra Dragonoid Typhoon
Turbine Dragonoid
Cyclone Dragonoid
Neo Dragonoid (7in1 Maxus)
Maxus Dragonoid
Cross Dragonoid
Maxus Cross Dragonoid
Helix Dragonoid
Lumino Dragonoid
Blitz Dragonoid
Sky & Gaia Dragonoid
Chance Dragonoid
Quake Dragonoid
Battalix Dragonoid
Dragonoid Colossus
Titanium Dragonoid
Fusion Dragonoid
Meta Dragonoid
Iron Dragonoid
Mercury Dragonoid
Commandix Dragonoid
Dragonoid Destroyer
Blast Dragonoid
Torpedor Dragonoid
First appearance Spectra Rises
Voiced by Jason Deline (ENG)
Keiji Fujiwara (JP)

Maxus Cross Dragonoid, Ultimate Cross Dragonoid (アルティメット・クロス・ドラゴノイド, Arutimetto Kurosu Doragonoido?) in the Japanese version, is the Maxus form of Cross Dragonoid.




Bakugan: New Vestroia[edit]

Dan uses the Maxus Dragonoid pieces to form him. Drago quickly exited his Maxus form, and he defeated Maxus Helios MK2 by himself. Maxus Cross Dragonoid is the "evolution" of Maxus Dragonoid.[1]

He only appeared once in the whole series.

He is made up of one Bakugan and six Bakugan Traps:

Fusion Ability Cards

  • Vanishing Fire: Transfers 300 Gs from opponent to Maxus Dragonoid. (Ventus, Subterra, and Darkus).