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Blast Dragonoid
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Blast Dragonoid
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Blast Dragonoid (ブラストドラゴノイド, Burasuto Doragonoido?) is a Bakugan BakuBlaster and a variation of Dragonoid in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.



Blast Dragonoid is a Bakublaster Bakugan that launches a BakuDisc. He has two wings, with many metal armor details.

Physical Game[edit]

Blast Dragonoid comes with two mini-disc projectiles which the Bakugan can shoot upon being released onto a Gate Card. Bakugan G-Power and mini-disc G-Power are then added together accordingly.

Ventus Blast Dragonoid has 870 Gs with two BakuDiscs that have 60 Gs and 80 Gs respectively.


Blast Dragonoid is one of the few Dragonoid variants that doesn't have an manual extraible horn on its head. It resembles to Ultra Dragonoid because of the way its ball shape opens. It has a variant in the Bakublaster series, which is more similar to the Dragonoid from the anime, Torpedor Dragonoid. In the prototype it has more fingers than it has in the officially released ball form. It does not have a perfectly spherical shape.