Hyper Pulsor

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Hyper Pulsor
Attribute Gold
First appearance A Royale Pain

Hyper Pulsor is a satellite-like BakuNano. It is Bolcanon's BakuNano.



Diamond-shaped with pointed spikes, Hyper Pulsor's spinning propeller movement does heavy damage in close quarters action.


Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge[edit]

Hyper Pulsor made its debut in A Royale Pain. Robin was competing in the Battle Royale with Bolcanon, used it to eliminate the other opponents easily. It appears to be some sort of satellite cannon and a staff. It was defeated with Bolcanon by Mechtogan Silent Strike.

In Mind Search, Hyper Pulsor made an appearance along with Jamsaber and Aeroblaze.

In A Hero Returns, Hyper Pulsor also appeared along with Jamsaber, Aeroblaze, Slicerix, Daftorix, and Orehammer. It was used by Bolcanon to defeat Titanium Dragonoid.

Anubias used it one last time in Unfinished Business, where Bolcanon tried to win Drago with Hyper Pulsor. Drago destroyed Hyper Pulsor, Aeroblaze and Jamsaber by using ability Dragon Force Striker.


The Gold version has 70 Gs. The Silver version has 70 Gs in a Mechtogan Extension Pack. The Copper version has 80 Gs.

Bakugan Dimensions[edit]

Its Special Ability is Razor Spin, which is considered a downgrade of Charge Blast, Boomix's special ability.


  • It resembles Spartablaster, with its four "blades".
  • When it is open and when it fires - it somewhat resembles the Yu-Gi-Oh! card "Satellite Cannon".
  • It has two different appearances: On Bakugan Dimensions, its ability shows it as a staff, while the Anime shows it as a satellite with a long-range cannon.
  • Hyper Pulsor's "satellite attack" is similar to the kind of aerial attack that Aluze used in Earth Invaders.