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Attribute Silver
Power 200 Gs
First appearance A New Beginning

Boomix, Megablaster (メガブラスター, Mega Burasutâ?) in the Japanese version, is Linehalt's Battle Gear. It belongs to Ren Krawler. It is part of the Battle Cannons group.



Boomix is a Bakugan Battle Gear. It is the longest and heaviest of all the cannons, which only the strongest Bakugan can lift. Battle Cannons fire guided lasers to attack the enemy. Boomix is a tremendously accurate Battle Gear which can hit a target from far away.


Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders[edit]

Boomix appeared in A New Beginning with Linehalt. This was when Dan and Ren had their battle in Bakugan Interspace.

It appeared in True Colours to fight Akwimos and failed.

It appeared in The Secret Package to fight Linus and Shun but lost.

It appeared in The Secret of the Orb to fight but was interrupted because Nurzak did not want to upset the Sacred Orb any more.

In Sid Returns, it was used as an attempt to defeat Lumino Dragonoid, but failed.

In Colossus Dharak, it was used to try to attack Lumino Dragonoid, but Ren and Linehalt aimed it and blasted it at Dharak Colossus.

It appeared in Dragonoid Colossus to battle against Dharak.

It appeared in the first round of Forgiveness to battle against Aranaut.

In Final Strike, Linehalt used it to attack Barodius' castle.

Ability Cards
  • Boomix Lock (Mega Blaster Lock): Subtracts 500 Gs from the opponent.
  • Boomix Dimension: Subtracts 400 Gs from each opponent and adds 400 Gs to Boomix.
  • Mega Blaster Boost:


It is featured on the card "The AG Plateau" and it looks like it is being used by Linehalt on the card. It has been released in May/June along with Chompixx, Battle Sabre, and Zukanator.

The Silver version has 50 Gs, the Gold version has 80 Gs, and the Copper version has 80 Gs. The Deluxe Silver form has 200 Gs, and the Deluxe Copper has 210 Gs.

Element: G-Power(s):
Gold attribute.svg Gold: 80 Gs
Silver attribute.svg Silver: 50 Gs, 200 Gs (Deluxe)
Copper attribute.svg Copper: 80 Gs, 210 Gs (Deluxe)
Reference Card
  • Darkus Effect: Flip a coin. If "heads", your Bakugan gets +100 G-Power.
  • Ventus Effect: If you have more Bakugan in your used pile than your enemy, your Bakugan gets +100 G-Power.

Bakugan Dimensions:

  • Copper: Willpower and Strength (1 Time)
  • Silver: Strength (2 Times)
  • Gold: Willpower (2 Times)


  • Unlike other Battle Gears that attach to the Bakugan's body in Bakugan form, Boomix is handheld.
  • On Bakugan Dimensions, if Boomix is used to battle on your side it appears reversed the magnet bar faces you while the grip should be facing you.
  • In episodes 1, 19, and 23, Ren called it "Mega Blaster", which is its Japanese name.
  • Boomix can extend for sniper attacks. It was used by Ren and Linehalt to shoot at Drago and Dharak Colossus.