Sacred Orb

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For the episode of the same name, see The Sacred Orb.
For the Mother light of Bakugan, see Code Eve.
The Sacred Orb

The Sacred Orb (聖なるオーブ, Seinaru Ōbu?) is the immensely strong and powerful force that resided in Neathia and is the very source of all existing Bakugan DNA. It appears to be a sentient force as it seems to have a mind and will of its own and it can get angry as well and act on its own accord.

If Barodius and Dharak could possess and control its immense power, strength and energy, he could control all existing Bakugan. The Orb was formerly held on Neathia, protected by the guardian spirit Dragonoid Colossus. The Orb has eventually returned to New Vestroia.


Neo Ziperator with the Element

Neo Ziperator once had possession of a portion from the Orb's energy that was called the Element (エレメント, Eremento?), which can turn the driest desert to a fertile farmland (as shown in the episode The Element).

While in the Gundalians' possession, Neo goes into a locked mode in order to protect the Element. Sid takes him from Ren in order to get some glory for himself and uses him in a battle against Dan. When Neo enters the battle field, he gives Drago the Element and Neo's body then disappears. Drago fuses the Element with the Perfect Core and Attribute Energies in his body and evolves into Lumino Dragonoid.

Ultimate Warrior Gene[edit]

The Ultimate Warrior Gene belongs to the directed descendants of the two original Bakugan (Dragonoid and Dharaknoid), which gives the possessor the potential to become the most powerful Bakugan in existence but, there can only be one. Drago and Dharak/Razenoid are the two direct descendants, which explains the weird feeling Drago had when Code Eve was upon him and the light that appeared when Lumino Dragonoid was fighting Dharak Colossus. They both are like the opposite sides of the same coin, one representing light and the other darkness. After their exposure to the Sacred Orb, the DNA code became the "Gate" to summon their Mechtogan.


Sacred Orb[edit]


Ultimate Warrior Gene[edit]