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Lansor is a Battle Gear.



Lansor is a Bakugan Battle Gear. It is a lethal throwing spear that is used for thrusting into an enemy. With its long extending pole and unbreakable tip, this is a great piece of gear to use in combat. The shield at its base helps protect the body.


It made its debut in the 2010 World Toy Fair. It resembles a giant lance and opens similar to Boomix as they both swing out sideways and attach to a Bakugan sideways.

It was released in Wave 3 along with Terrorcrest, Barias Gear, and Battle Crusher.

Element: G-Power(s):
Gold attribute.svg Gold: 100 Gs
Silver attribute.svg Silver: 100 Gs
Copper attribute.svg Copper: 90 Gs

Reference Cards
  • Ventus: Move a non-Ventus Bakugan from your used pile to your unused pile. If you move, your Bakugan gets +100 G-Power.
  • Pyrus: Move a non-Pyrus Bakugan from your unused pile to your used pile. If you move, your Bakugan gains G-Power equal to the highlighted Attribute.