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Zoack (ゾアック, zoakku?) is a Bakugan Trap that is in the shape of a cube in Trap form.



Zoack is a massive stone monster. It can sustain the mightiest of blows with minimum damage and crushes its opponents with its mighty bear hug.

Physical Game[edit]

It was released early as a "Season 2 Sneak Peek" by Spin Master, and was the first Bakugan Trap released in North America. Zoack was the only Trap released in all six attributes until Pythantus and early releases in Special Attack packaging in Pyrus, Aquos, Ventus, and Darkus and later releases featured it in the Bakugan Trap package in Subterra and Haos.


  • It was excluded from the 2009 Bakugan Trap poster.
  • It opens in a similar way to Fortress.
  • It has a strong resemblance to Piercian to the point where it used to be thought to be Piercian.
  • This is the only Trap to have a G-power printed on it, even though that version is a misprint. This misprint has 870 Gs in Pyrus, which is as high as the highest core Bakugan's G-power in the same season. It is unknown why these misprints were mass-produced.