Alpha Percival Cyclone

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Alpha Percival Cyclone
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Variations Percival
Knight Percival
Midnight Percival
Alpha Percival
Alpha Percival Cyclone
Cyclone Percival
Percival Vortex


Alpha Percival Cyclone is a Special Attack Bakugan released in Bakugan: New Vestroia.


Alpha Percival Cyclone is a Special Attack Bakugan with amazingly affective powers. It possesses incredible strength making it extremely helpful during battle. It can strike with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Using its mighty Cyclone Spin, it can take down some of the largest opponents on the battlefield. He could take Bakugan down with tremendous might.

Physical Game[edit]

Darkus Alpha Percival Cyclone has 700 Gs and a rare 800 Gs.

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Pyrus.svg Pyrus N/A
Aquos.svg Aquos N/A
Subterra.svg Subterra N/A
Haos.svg Haos N/A
Darkus.svg Darkus 700 Gs, 800 Gs
Ventus.svg Ventus N/A
Clear N/A