Spin Ravenoid

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Spin Ravenoid
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Variations Ravenoid
Spin Ravenoid


Spin Ravenoid is a Special Attack Bakugan.



It can twirl into the ground for an underground attack. Its massive wings allow it to shield its body from attackers. Its claws are unbreakable. It evolves from Ravenoid. Its ball form resembles Alpha Percival. It was one of the very first Special Attack Bakugan.

Physical Game[edit]

Spin Ravenoid is a spin Bakugan which the top half of it spins when it opens. It can revolve around its upper half when place in a magnetic surface.

Spin Ravenoid and Spin Dragonoid are very similar. Their ball forms were made mostly the same. However, they can not spin as fast as Neo Dragonoid Vortex and Percival Vortex.