Maxus Helios MK2

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Maxus Helios MK2
Maxus Helios MK2
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Attribute Variations Subterra, Haos, Darkus, Aquos, Ventus
Power 3800 Gs
Variations Helios
Viper Helios
Cyborg Helios
Turbine Helios
Helios MK2
Orbit Helios
Maxus Helios
Maxus Helios MK2
Infinity Helios
Mutant Helios
First appearance Spectra Rises
Voiced by Rob Tinkler

Maxus Helios MK2 (Japanese version: Ultimate Helios MK2 (アルティメット・ヘリオス Arutimetto Heriosu) is the transformation of Maxus Helios. It is a deadly Bakugan that is made of seven Bakugan fused together.



Helios MK2 still despises Drago, and wants the Perfect Core. His only wish is to defeat Drago and become the Ultimate Bakugan. Even after Cyborg Helios is upgraded to its Mark 2 version, it can still form Maxus Helios. He looks like Viper Helios and Cyborg Helios except some design changes. His left eye changed into a different shape along with his wings. He now has a giant laser on his chest.

He is made of:


In Spectra Rises, Maxus Helios MK2 battles against Cross Dragonoid after Minx Elfin and Magma Wilda are defeated. Even though, it used its most powerful abilities but still lost to Maxus Cross Dragonoid.

In Ultimate Weapon, he battles against Assail Farbros, until Zenoheld activates Shiny Orichalcum, which destroys the six Mechanical Bakugan and returns Helios to his base form.

Ability Cards

  • Parariddle Fire: Adds 600 Gs to Maxus Helios MK2. (Aquos, Haos, and Pyrus)
  • Ultimate Striker (Ultimate Smasher): Subtracts 1200 Gs from the opponent (all six Attributes)


  • Maxus Helios MK2 is the only evolved Maxus Bakugan to appear twice in the anime.