Unknown Insect Bakugan

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Unknown Insect Bakugan
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The Unknown Insect Bakugan (Unofficial name) is an unnamed spider-like Bakugan with a skull-like carapace on its back.



The Unknown Insect Bakugan is an insect Bakugan that has six spiked legs and a pair of mandibles. The skull on its back could be used for an ability, but it never appeared in the anime, so it remains a mystery. The Unknown Insect Bakugan appears only on the following New Vestroia Ability Cards: Banish Trickery, Dark Wind, and the Gate Card, Deep Cave.


  • There are a cluster of reasons why this Bakugan only appears on two Ability Cards and one Gate Card. It may have never made the cut for New Vestroia, but they still put it on a card. A second reason is that they could never decide on a ball form. Lastly, it might have been originally made for Battle Brawlers, but was forgotten.