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The Unknown Insect Bakugan, an infamous case of a Legacy Bakugan that was never given a name or anything further than an appearance in a handful of card art.

Occasionally, there are are items or aspects of the Bakugan universe that are not given an official name or cataloging option. In these cases, we are forced to come up with either a temporary working name, in the case of something that will likely eventually receive a name, or come up with an unofficial name, for items that will most likely never get an official name. In these cases you will see a template, {{Unofficial}}, next to the name of the article. This is to designate that the name provided for the article was developed, by the community, and will be replaced whenever an alternative is provided by official sources.

Creating an Unofficial Name[edit]

If you are creating a name for an article that does not have an official name, you should remember these key points while decided what to title it. Creating an article that does not follow these conventions, no matter the subject matter or substance, may result in it being moved.

  • Be as neutral a possible.

Do not give your article a personalized, pet-name that people unfamiliar with the subject matter will not know how to look up. In addition, this is also improper as it can give the impression that something does have an official name when it does not.

  • Be as clear as possible

Be sure to name your article something that describes what you have written about, while also being easy for readers to search for.

  • Keep it short

Article names do not need to be articles of their own, while some subject matter may be difficult to distill into a short name, doing so will keep the article easy to understand, and help readers more easily find it through the search function.