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This is an episode list page for Bakugan Battle Planet, the first season of the Bakugan reboot. The season follows the adventures of Dan Kouzo and his best friends, the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious alien creatures known as the Bakugan. The storyline will revolve around friendship, battling, and competition.

Unlike the original series, each episode is 11 minutes (rather than 22). Each block consists of 2 11-minute episodes, the series is currently airing on Cartoon Network every Saturday at 7AM ET.

The series officially aired the first 4 episodes on December 23rd, 2018 and has started airing 2 11-minute segments/episodes every Saturday since January 5th, 2019. The series will have 100 episodes, or techincally 50, as you can classify each segment as 1A and 1B for episode 1 for example.

Episode List[edit]

# Title Japanese air date English air date
01 "Origin of the Species Part 1" TBA December 23, 2018
Dan Kouzo, Wynton Styles, Lia Venegas, and Lightning travel to the site of the Great Collision and meet Dragonoid.
02 "Origin of the Species Part 2" December 23, 2018
Dan Kouzo battles the mysterious Magnus Black and his Nillious, Magnus sends out his other two Bakugan, Webam and Fangzor. Lia and Wynton help to take on the other two Bakugan with Pegatrix and Trox. Magnus is pushed into a corner by the power of the AO and their Bakugan and retreats alongside his allies Aay, Strata the Hunter, and China Riot.
03 "Burger Run" December 23, 2018
Aay threatens a local Burger Joint with his Mantonoid and Dan steps up with Drago to save the day. Aay is defeated and Dan receives some food on the house for saving the burger joint.
04 "Monkey See, Monkey Don't" December 23, 2018
The Awesome Ones stop a group called the Rowdy Reds from copying their behavior that happens in the Awesome Ones due to the destruction they are causing with their Bakugan. The Rowdy Reds battle Dan with their Skorporos but learn their lesson and end the battle after seeing the damage the park has taken.
05 "Bully for You" December 26, 2018
A neighborhood bully named Marco Chezanello is using his Bakugan Cyndeous to pick on the local kids. Dan Kouzo steps up with Drago and battles Marco and have trouble fighting Cyndeous, Lia and Wynton enter the battle to assist Dan. Marco then tells Cyndeous to attack Dan, but Cyndeous is conflicted on doing such a bad thing, but Marco is still his owner. Cyndeous refuses to attack and thte battle has no outcome. Cyndeous then leaves Marco due to him being a bully, Cyndeous joins Dan Kouzo after seeing how noble he is.
06 "Trolling for Laughs" December 26, 2018
Wynton’s constant practical jokes wear thin on his Bakugan Trox so the Bakugan decide to teach him a lesson.
07 "Local Heroes" December 27, 2018
After the AO cause accidental destruction, Dan’s parents question whether the kids should be allowed to keep their Bakugan.
08 "Pegatrix" December 27, 2018
Lia finds a new Bakugan named Pegatrix, and gets a message from China Riot. Lia is challenged by Riot to a winner take all battle where the winner gets the brawlers Bakugan.
09 "Frenemies" December 28, 2018
Two new Bakugan Brawlers, Shun and Magnus, try out to become the next member of The Awesome Ones.
10 "Strata's Fear" December 28, 2018
The AO solve the mystery of a kid’s missing Bakugan.
11 "Dog Daze" December 29, 2018
Lightning discovers a new Bakugan, Artulean, leading to an unhealthy rivalry with Howlkor.
12 "In Focus" December 29, 2018
While Lia's newswoman mom does an expose on the AO, Strata the Hunter tries to capture Hydorous.
13 "The Exit" January 5, 2019
The AO compete with The Exit, a rival Brawling team for ViewTube hits, leading to a “winner take all” brawl.
14 "The Lost and the Cost" January 5, 2019
A promoter tries to get the AO to join an official league for Bakugan Battling.
15 "Mister Moon" January 12, 2019
Wynton finds a new Bakugan named Lupitheon who proves difficult to control but things get more complicated when Col. Tripp seizes control of Trox.
16 "What's Up with Dan?" January 12, 2019
With “Dan” behaving strangely toward the AO, Lightning sniffs out the truth, an impostor!
17 "Babysitting Bedlam" January 19, 2019
Dan and Wynton meet a boy named Duran Dane who leads them into a maze where they must escape while dealing with Duran's Nobilious.
18 "Rubbed the Wrong Way" January 19, 2019
After a Bakugan field erupts the town kids stampede to get their own Bakugan but when the field is contaminated Lia must save the day. Lia and her Bakugan also see a mysterious golden Bakugan.
19 "Mask of Power" January 26, 2019
Philomena Dusk from AAAnimus Corp. uses Magnus and gives him a control implant to bolster the power of his Bakugan to defeat Dan. Magnus must fight in order for his sister to get treatmen. Magnus shows off a new power to Dan and evolves his Nillious into Hyper Nillious but his implant malfunctions and the battle has no outcome.
20 "Story Holes" January 26, 2019
The Awesome Ones receive a call in search of a missing Bakugan and run into Col. Armstrong Tripp and his grunts, he uses a controlled Pandoxx against the AO but ends up retreating.
21 "Home on the Run" February 2, 2019
Toshi, Koda, and Keiko come to bring Shun back to Japan. Shun then reveals his backstory and relationship with his industrialist father and desire for a closer-knit family. Toshi challenges Shun to a battle, Toshi uses Fade Ninja but is defeated by Hydorous. Toshi gives Fade Ninja to Shun as a gift.
22 "Top Slot" February 2, 2019
Dan and Shun butt heads on how best to make the AO a real team amidst growing threats. Then, a samurai named Shargo Ronin challenges Dan to a battle using his shogun Bakugan.
23 "Fathers and Friends" February 9, 2019
Ichiro Kazami comes to take his son Shun back home and finds a defiance he hadn't counted on. Then, Col. Armstrong Tripp appears and takes control of the Fangzor and Vicerox owned by Koda and Toshi. Shun saves the day and receives Vicerox as a gift and is granted permission to stay instead of coming back to Japan with his father.
24 "Midsummer Nightmare" February 9, 2019
Drago and the other AO Bakugan face an unseen threat with earth shattering power, only to be left wondering if it was all a dream.
25 "Dawn Before Dusk, Part I" February 16, 2019
Dan is almost defeated by a boy named Kurin and his Garganoid. Dan is shocked and questions how Kurin knew his tactics until the AO discover there are cameras set up. The AO discover Kurin is spying alongside some unknown group of people on the AO and its a big brawl with the AO vs. Kurin. Kurin loses the battle but escapes with the data. Then, The Awesome Ones meet Benton Dusk discovering that their quiet little corner of the world is about to become larger.
26 "Dawn Before Dusk, Part II" February 16, 2019
Benton Dusk reveals that the AO have been identified as persons of interest by powerful corporations including Philomena Dusk's AAAnimus.
27 "Stratified" February 23, 2019
The Awesome Ones embark on a mission with a female Bakugan named Phaedrus into the mysterious labyrinth world of Vestroia to save her friends. The AO run into Strata the Hunter and his Krakelios and fend him off. Phaedrus' friends are freed, but Strata returns and causes the AO (excluding Lightning and Phaedrus) to fall into a hole.
28 "Maze Daze" February 23, 2019
The Awesome Ones become trapped in the mysterious labyrinth and must find a way out, they find a crystal cavern and encounter Strata once again before he flees, but the Awesome Ones must then fight a shadowy shape-shifting creature. Using the combined strength of the AO Bakugan, the AO win the fight. Afterwards, a shadowy golden Bakugan laughs while looking at the AO behind a rock.
29 "All Jungled Up" March 2, 2019
The Awesome Ones experience mind altering effects of the nearby Core Cell and come face to face with the Bakugan monster named Tiko.
30 "Outer Demons" March 2, 2019
The Awesome Ones find the doorway out of Vestroia only to learn they have entered a mirror world of their own imagining.
31 "Matter of the Mind" March 9, 2019
Drago leads the Bakugan against the threat of Tiko to protect a powerful energy source.
32 "Core Cell" March 9, 2019
The Awesome Ones defend the Core Cell from an attack by Tiko and in a last ditch effort to save it, Dan manages to evolve Drago into Hyper Dragonoid.
33 "Subterranean Homesick Blues" March 16, 2019
The Awesome Ones return home to learn that no time has passed while they were in Vestroia, but they soon discover their brawling has gotten years advanced.
34 "Honey Struck" March 16, 2019
After Strata the Hunter is sent packing, The Awesome Ones discover that they have picked up a hitchhiker Panda-like Bakugan.
35 "Shun Shine" March 23, 2019
The Awesome Ones want to evolve their Bakugan like Dan did with Drago, but only Shun finds a way by tapping into the energy of the Mind Core Cell.
36 "Ronin Son" March 23, 2019
Shun's cousin claims Hydorous as his intellectual property, causing The Awesome Ones to battle in order keep their friend Hydorous.
37 "Framing Device" March 30, 2019
Confronted by China Riot, Lia learns to evolve Pegatrix after realizing the true meaning behind her filming obsession.
38 "Bad Actors" March 30, 2019
Dan tries to lie about evolving Drago and gets exposed while the team face off against Duran Dane and his Bakugan.
39 "Tripped Up" April 6, 2019
Dan Kouzo and Wynton Styles stumble on both a possible hidden location of the Mind Core Cell and Col. Tripp, who wants the energy source for himself.
40 "Power Tripp" April 6, 2019
Wynton Styles is mind-controlled by Tripp, who stages an attack to ignite a war between the Brawlers and the military.
41 "A Real Steal" April 13, 2019
Dan embarks on a solo adventure to outdo Magnus' new team of Bakugan Brawlers and winds up having to be saved by them instead.
42 "Lightning Unleashed" April 13, 2019
Lightning uncovers the Mind Core Cell buried beneath the earth and battles Strata the Hunter in order to protect its secret.
43 "The Throw Down" April 20, 2019
Lightning reveals his discovery of the Mind Core Cell, but The Awesome Ones arrive only to discover that Magnus Black has already beaten them to it.
44 "Brawl for It All" April 20, 2019
With both team's Bakugan knocked into a hibernation state, only Dan Kouzo and Magnus Black remain locked in a brawl.
45 "Career Opportunities" April 27, 2019
After defeating Magnus; the AO get an offer of employment from a surprising source, Philomena Dusk!
46 "Punch the Clock" April 27, 2019
During a commercial to celebrate their joining the AAAnimus team, Dan and the AO rebel before they sell out.