Fathers and Friends

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Fathers and Friends
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 23
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Fathers and Friends is the twenty-third episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on February 9th, 2019 alongside Midsummer Nightmare.


Toshi and Koda return to Los Volmos, this time with Shun's father, Ichiro Kazami. Shun is feeling at home and Wynton talks about how his siblings call Shun “big brother”, Col. Tripp is monitoring them. Olivia Styles tells Shun that he has visitors, Toshi, Koda, and Shun's father. Shun and his father sit at the table and Ichiro orders Shun to come back with him, to assist him to expand Kazami International Holdings because of the Bakugan business, and the AO are not worth worrying about, there's nothing he can learn from them. As a member of the Kazami family, Shun must help with their future endeavors. Toshi tells Shun that they will be back to get Shun this afternoon. Dan and the others are disappointed that Shun is going back and ask if there is any way to stay, but he has no choice because of his father's will. Dan tells Shun that he is part of the team and they will always be better if they are together, so he comes up with a plan to convince Shun's father that Shun is not wasting his time with The Awesome Ones.

Ichiro Kazami returns to pick up Shun, with Dan greeting Ichiro, wanting to show him a good time by showing Japanese culture. Lia accidentally trips and launches Lightning in the air, causing dishes to fly in the air and make a mess, embarrassing themselves. Ichiro decides that he was right about his friends being ridiculous, telling Shun that they must leave immediately.

Dan, Lia, and Wynton say their goodbyes and hope to see Shun again until Col. Tripp appears riding his Pandoxx. Toshi and Koda attempt to stop Col. Tripp with Aquos Vicerox and Pyrus Fangzor, but Tripp uses the B-Mines to control their Bakugan. Tripp commands Shun to hand over his Hydorous, and Ichiro comments how the control device is interesting, he tells Tripp that Shun will give his Hydorous if he gives back Fangzor and Vicerox because they are expensive, or else all Kazami International Holdings will be his enemy. Shun doesn't want to give Hydorous away and chooses to defy his father and fight Col. Tripp instead. Shun fights Pandoxx and the controlled Vicerox and Vicerox, but the AO join the battle to assist Shun when Bubble Net goes towards Shun's father, Hydorous protects Shun's father, but Pandoxx attacks and knocks Hydorous and Shun back. Dan, Lia, Wynton, and Lightning work together to combine their Bakugan's attacks, which defeats all three of the Bakugan.

Col. Tripp retreats with the soldiers after losing. Shun is about to leave but pleads his dad that he wants to stay here, but Toshi tells Shun to do what he likes, telling him that he has gotten stronger, not just in Bakugan skills - but as a person too, probably because of his friends. Toshi gives Vicerox to Shun, a good Bakugan to support Shun alongside Fade Ninja. Despite what Toshi thinks, Ichiro Kazami tells him that Shun is being left here so he can figure out how they draw Bakugan's abilities so well - his company's profits always comes first. Shun and the other members of the AO reunite and welcome Shun back.

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