Punch the Clock

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Punch the Clock
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 46
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Punch the Clock is the forty-sixth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on April 27th, 2019 alongside Career Opportunities.


Philomena leaves Kravitz to the AO, and it is revealed that the attackers are working with Philomena, and it is revealed one of the attackers is a disguised Col Tripp, who got kicked out of the army and had nowhere to go until Philomena took him in. Kravitz takes the AO on a trip of the AAAnimus HQ, showing the training room, the room where they analyze Bakugan data, Lightning accidentally unplugs the power. Dan and Wynton try to steal the Bakugan that AAAnimus has collected to “research”, but they end up triggering an alarm, AAAnimus has a very tight security system, so they need to be careful.

The last stop is a studio, where Kravitz tells them that AAAnimus wants to film a promotional video to show off the AO, the AO agree to shoot the video. It is more than they can handle as the director wants to make the decision, so the AO and their Bakugan (Drago, Gorthion, Lupitheon, Fade Ninja, and Artulean), causing the director to get scared because they are going off-script. Kravitz gets angry and calls over Col. Tripp (in a disguised suit) to stop the Bakugan, but Drago gets rid of the nets that trapped the other Bakugan. Lia hijacks the camera and finishes the video, Drago stops the AAAnimus grunts. The AO went too far and ended up getting the director and AAAnimus grunts stuck in a net. The AO and Kravitz go to Philomena, wondering if they did something wrong, but Philomena tells them that they did fantastic work, and she wasn't mad, their opinions on the video changed their mind and they aren't fired. Secretly, Philomena is letting them do what they want to, as she believes in their high potential. Then, Philomena walks to a mysterious Bakugan in a container, calling it “Apollyon”.

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