High Flying Hostiles

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High Flying Hostiles
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 47
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High Flying Hostiles is the forty-seventh episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on May 4th, 2019 alongside Backfire Brawl.


The Awesome Ones are tasked with another job to move the Core Cell over to the facility and guard a transported Core Cell. The AO notices the Core Cell that is being transported looks different from the Core Cell they saw in the Maze, they discuss if there is more than one Core Cell. Drago tells Dan that he has no idea. The helicopter suddenly gets attacked, the attacker is shown to be Masato Kazami and his Serpenteze - who wants the Core Cell. Masato has come alongside with Toshi, Koda, and Keiko, they've disabled the communication signals so AAAnimus doesn't find out. Unfortunately for the AO, they need to find a way to get BakuCores, as they are in the sky. The AO use the helicopter flying away as a decoy to use a parachute to the ground.

The AO tell the pilots to escape as they will deal with Masato and his team. Serpenteze and Drago clash, but Drago is at a disadvantage because Masato came prepared to battle in the sky so they can't get BakuCores. Dan's friends luckily grab BakuCores and throw them towards their Bakugan. Dan and Masato chase towards the helicopter, Masato asks Dan why his team is helping AAAnimus, as they are trying to keep the Core Cell for themselves, but Dan says there is no reason to hand the Core Cell to Masato. Masato uses his device to summon a BakuCore, as Serpenteze uses Deep Illusion to create an illusion to distract the Bakugan and use another attack, Aquos Strike. Shun joins the fight and attempts to stop Masato, but Masato says Shun is no longer part of the Kazami family. Masato vows to capture the Core Cell to take the Kazami family to the top of the business world.

Serpenteze wraps its tail around to snare Drago, hurting him. Shun realizes Dan needs a BakuCore before Toshi tries to stop him, Shun passes the BakuCore to Dan's teammate to get it to him, but Masato's team attempts to stop them, it all seems over until Dan jumps off Drago from the sky to grab and throw the BakuCore towards Drago. Drago uses Blast Flame to finish off Serpenteze, and Pegatrix saves the falling Dan. Due to Masato's defeat, he tells Toshi, Koda, and Keiko to retreat. The Core Cell later arrives at the AAAnimus facility, and Philomena tells the AO that they plan to study it, but the AO question Philomena's true motives.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • The Awesome Ones vs. Masato, Toshi, Koda, and Keiko = The Awesome Ones win