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Wynton Styles
Wynton JP.png
Race Human
Age 10-11
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Ventus Ventus
Bakugan Trox (Main)
Falcron (Main in Geogan Rising)

Team Awesome Brawlers
First appearance Origin of the Species Part 1
Voiced by Deven Mack
Jun Fukushima (Japanese)

Wynton Styles is one of the main characters and Ventus Brawler of the Generation 2 series, serving as one of the main protagonists.

He is a member of the Awesome Ones and his Partner Bakugan is Ventus Trox. He also uses three other Ventus Bakugan: Lupitheon, Turtonium, and Batrix.

In Trox's place came Ventus Falcron in Geogan Rising. In addition, he uses the Ventus Geogan Talan in the same season.



African American, tall and thin, close-cropped hair. Wynton has a laid-back slacker-hacker style that accommodates the endless bits of gear and tech he seems to produce from thin air. A multi-purpose “hack-pack” slung over his shoulder completes the look. Wynton and Dan have been friends since the first grade. They met when Dan tried to backflip off of the lunch table and his hand-held game system went flying into a wall. Wynton fixed it with a paperclip and some gum. Yes, Wynton is smart. Really smart. And like a lot of smart kids, he keeps his talents to himself because he doesn't like the expectations that the world puts on him. The only kids who know the real Wynton are Dan and Lia Venegas, because they see him as a complete person. So even though Wynton is definitely the brains of the crew, don't call him smart without adding the word “mouth” after it. Overcompensating for his excessive intelligence, Wynton is a prankster whose jokes often get him in hot water. He has been cooking up chaos with Dan since forever. It makes for great videos... and the occasional trip to the principal's office. Wynton is an analytical thinker who uses his perspective to uncover the hidden secrets of people, places and things, though he rarely looks inside of himself.



Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Wynton Styles is a member of the Awesome Ones, a group of kids living in Los Volmos who make videos for the video site ViewTube. The other members include Dan Kouzo, Lia Venegas, and Lightning the dog. Twelve years after the Great Collision, the Awesome Ones sneak into a restricted area of Pinpoint Park, in order to film a video for their ViewTube channel on the twelve-year anniversary of the Great Collision, in a crater caused by the Collision. While the group throws a surprise announcement for Dan's birthday, the second Great Collision occurs, causing the group to experience the Hide Matrix for the first time. Wynton meets Trox, his new Bakugan partner.[1]

Wynton and the rest of the Awesome Ones and their newfound Bakugan spend their time filming videos for their ViewTube channel. This is comprised of Dan, Wyton, Lia, and Lightning, and their Bakugan Drago, Trox, Gorthion, and Howlkor respectively, training and experimenting with BakuCores. The Awesome Ones share this discovery with the viewers on their ViewTube channel.[2]

The Awesome Ones continue training with their Bakugan, to the point of exhaustion. While Dan and Drago are out getting meals for the group, Wynton and Lia attempt to sleep while their respective Bakugan demand brawls, and try to wake them up through various methods, such as a loud horn. Wynton and Lia wake up when Dan and Drago return to the Studio D from their run to the local Burger Joint and are ready to continue brawling.[3]

After Dan and Drago recklessly train in nearby field, which causes a large amount of destruction, Wynton and Lia confront Dan about the amount of destruction the brawler and Bakugan pair had caused. Dan is frustrated by this confrontation,and walks off. Wynton and Lia later meet up with Dan at the Burger Joint, where Dan brags to them about having solved the problem with the Rowdy Reds. However, a news broadcast by Veronica Venegas deconfirms this; it shows the Rowdy Reds wrecking destruction on another area of Los Volmos, Costero Canyada. Wynton and the rest of the Awesome Ones rush off to Costero Canyada, where Wynton lets Dan take care of the problem himself.[4]

While resting at the Studio D, Wynton and Lia push back against Dan's bragging, until they are interrupted by Mac and Maggie of the Rowdy Reds, who ask for help in defeating Marco Chezanello. Wynton and Lia goad Dan into attempting to handle the situation by himself. Wynton, the rest of the Awesome Ones, and the two members of the Rowdy Reds return to the park, finding it transformed to Marco's image, and the entrance guarded by Max. After Drago in ball form is blown away by Marco's Pyrus Cyndeous, Wynton and Lia use Trox and Gorthion to brawl Marco. As Trox and Gorthion are charging Cyndeous, they fall into a hidden pit, trapping them. Trox and Gorthion are hit by Cyndeous Sword Barrage while defenseless, even though Cyndeous originally protested against the act. Marco orders Cyndeous to attack the remaining brawlers, which cause Cyndeous to fly in to a fit of rage at the cruelty of the order, and start attacking in random directions. One of the attacks is headed for Mac and Maggie, but Dan activates Drago and shields them from the blast. Despite being their opponent, Drago also protects Marco and Max from Cyndeous' random attacks. Just as Drago is about to be incapacitated by the attacks, Gorthion knocks Cyndeous off of him. Drago then counterattacks, hitting Cyndeous' shield with a barrage of attacks. As Cyndeous snaps out of his rage, he directly tells Marco that he will no longer be obeying his cowardly orders, which Wynton and the others overhear. Later that day, after the brawl concludes, Wynton and Lia accept Dan's apology for his previous arrogant attitude.[5]

Wynton and Trox spar with Dan and his new Bakugan, Cyndeous. After the session, Wynton, seeing potential for a prank, detonates a paint bomb next to Trox and Cyndeous while they are in their ball forms discussing the training, filming the experience for views. This upsets Trox, as he does not like being the butt of Wynton's jokes, and he heads off into the surrounding forest alone. Wynton continues to pull pranks on Trox, while filming and uploading the pranks for ViewTube. After showing these vides to Dan and Lia, Wynton asks Trox to make another video, which Trox declines. He tells Wynton that he is done "being the butt of his jokes", which causes Wynton to burst out in anger, accusing Trox of being a bad Bakugan. Although Wynton does not sincerely believe the things he says during the argument, as evidenced by his internal monologues, he continues to argue with Trox, causing the two to break apart. Wynton continues to ramp up the argument, and makes a wager with Trox that if he can beat Drago, Cyndeous, and Gorthion by himself, he can do whatever he wants, including finding himself a new partner. Wynton is confident that Trox cannot hold his own against three other Bakugan, and he, Dan, and Lia leave the brawl up to the Bakugan, remaining on the sidelines. As the victor, Trox begins to walk away from his former partner, set on pursuing his new life. Wynton regrets his decisions, and asks Trox to come back, apologizing saying that he'll make no more pranks videos. Trox accepts his apology and remains with the Awesome Ones. The team takes down their prank videos, losing a large number of views, but retaining the trust of Trox.[6]

After Kravitz makes her initial entrance into Los Volmos, she seeks to alter people's perceptions of Bakugan to something that they distrust. Wynton, Lia, and their respective Bakugan are training in a park when Trox is knock out of the park's bounds. Trox recalls into ball form to avoid damage and rolls underneath a car. Kravitz takes this opportunity to force Trox out of ball form using her technology from AAAnimus Inc, damaging the surrounding property.

The next day, the Awesome Ones find that their usual training grounds have been cordoned off, being declared a "Bakugan-free" area. They attempt to find another location to train, but every available spot is packed with other children looking for a place to use their Bakugan. At the last available spot, the group encounters Kravitz again, this time leading a group of protesters into declaring Bakugan brawling banned. The Awesome Ones return to their clubhouse, and upon seeing their viewership drop significantly, decide to make a mock-up brawling video, using cardboard cutouts of buildings and keeping their Bakugan in ball form, in order to avoid trouble. However, Kravitz has been spying on the group and uses this to her advantage, again forcing Drago, Trox, Gorthion, and Howlkor out of ball form, destroying the set. Kravitz then confronts the Awesome Ones again, disguised as the anti-Bakugan activist, along with several members of the community, include Bill and Barbara Kouzo. The group of protesters, including Dan's parents, demand that the Awesome Ones had their Bakugan over to Kravitz. Kravitz takes their Bakugan, declaring everything "safe".

While this is occurring, Benton Dusk watches, and decides to cause a weather satellite to plummet towards Los Volmos. Back in their clubhouse, the Awesome Ones watch Veronica Venegas as she reports on the incoming satellite. While Wynton and Lia scramble to grab what they can before evacuating, Dan formulates a plan: if they could get their Bakugan back, they could destroy the satellite and repair Los Volmos' perceptions towards Bakugan. The team stops Kravitz on her way out of Los Volmos, demanding their Bakugan back. Kravitz declines, but as she walks past the Awesome Ones, her device that forces Bakugan out of their ball forms is knocked from her person, falling and activating the Bakugan in the cases. The Bakugan break free, and Kravitz escapes. Wynton and Trox are reunited and begin to help escort civilians out of the city. After seeing this, the citizens of Los Volmos, including Dan's parents, tear up their anti-Bakugan fliers, and return to accepting Bakugan.[7]

Wynton helps Lia test out her new drone technology, when she notices something in the background of her videos. Lia goes off to investigate, and when Wynton and the rest of the Awesome Ones catch up to her, they find that she has discovered a new Bakugan, Pegatrix. Pegatrix exerts her influence to calm Dan and the Awesome Ones. The Awesome Ones return to their clubhouse, where they find Jenkins with a brawl offer from China Riot for Lia. Lia immediately agrees and signs the accompanying contract. After Jenkins leaves, Lia realizes that the contract has a clause in it that the requires the loser of the brawl to give their Bakugan to the winner.

Later, the team is driven to the location of the brawl: a giant stone room in the middle of a desert,and are greeted by China and Jenkins. After seeing Lia loses Gorthion to China, Dan and Wynton step up to challenge China, offering their own Bakugan up in return for Gorthion. Despite their best efforts, Drago and Trox are still surprised by the movable arena. However, with the help of Lia and Pegatrix, they are able to locate BakuCores. With the combined effort of Drago, Trox, and Pegatrix, the Awesome Ones easily beat Maxotaur, and Gorthion is returned to Lia. However, China refuses to hand over Maxotaur, and escapes with Jenkins on a helicopter.[8]

Wynton helps out with the contest between Magnus Black and Shun Kazami to join the Awesome Ones.[9] He helps to track down Bear, a Bakugan of Bobby's that Strata the Hunter had brainwashed. During the final confrontation, he uses Trox to try and restrain Bear.[10] He is also among the training party when Lightning discovers Artulean and ends up returning after Lightning breaks Artulean out of Magnus' brainwashing.[11]



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Collection of Wynton Styles concept art
  • Wynton's original name was "Washington Day".