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For Battle Planet Hero card, see Magnus (Battle Brawlers).

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Magnus Black

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Race Human
Age 14 (BP, AA, GR)
Not more than 12 (GR after Episode 46, biological age)
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Darkus Darkus
Bakugan Nillious (main)
First appearance Origin of Species Part 1
Voiced by Julius Cho
None of you understand the power you hold in your hands. Your very existence is a threat. You will not disrupt fate, get it?
Magnus Black to Dan Kouzo

Magnus Black is a former antagonist, anti-hero character from the Generation 2 series, and one of the main characters in general.

Former worker of AAAnimus Inc who had the mission of defeat The Awesome Brawlers and take their Bakugan. Currently, is a vigilante seeking for criminals who abuse the Bakugans' power. He's also the main rival of Dan Kouzo.

His Partner Bakugan Darkus Nillious. He also owned three Darkus Bakugan in the past: a Fangzor, a Webam and an Eenoch. In addition, he used two Bakugan Subspecies: the Darkus Geogan Hyenix on Geogan Rising and the Nanogan Widow on Evolutions.



A masked boy wielding the powerful Nillious who becomes Dan's number one rival. Magnus has no interest in fame and keeps his identity a mystery. Despite working for AAAnimus, Magnus is a strong believer in the bushido code of the samurai— though he has clearly lost his way.

Armed with a cadre of powerful Bakugan, Magnus is the best Battler out there... Except for Dan Kouzo. Magnus takes an instant dislike to Dan because it's obvious that this boy is special and his bond with his Bakugan is noble. Magnus turns his jealousy into drive, dedicating himself to becoming the best battler possible in order to take down Dan Kouzo, and save his sister once and for all.[1]





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Magnus Black's Bakugan
Battle Planet Armored Alliance Geogan Rising Evolutions
*Darkus Darkus Nillious


Bakugan Battle Planet
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Dan Kouzo Origin of Species Part 1

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Behind the Scenes[edit]

Collection of Magnus Black concept art
  • There were a number of unique masked concepts for the character. At this point, the character was still under the name "Masquerade", a nod to the Masquerade of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers series.