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BAA-Sabra anime.png
Faction All-Faction All-Faction
(Visually Darkus Darkus)
Variations Sabra
Sabra x Pyravian
Nova Sabra
Baku-Gear Combo Cannon
Power 1100 Bs
First appearance The Fusion Bakugan Sabrus

Sabra, Sabrus (セーブラ, Sēbura?) in the anime, is a five-headed hydra/dragon-like Darkus Fusion Bakugan comprised of five unknown Bakugan from each of the five Factions (excluding Aurelus) in Bakugan: Armored Alliance. It is the Partner Bakugan of the alien Haavik.

A Nova-Infused time variant of itself, before its demise, appeared in Bakugan: Legends, being wielded by Haavik as part of being a contestant chosen by Hanoj for the Battle Judgement.



Sabra's design is derived from that of Maximus Nillious, an evolution for Darkus Nillious, that appeared in the Age of Aurelus expansion set from Bakugan Battle Planet. A key difference between the designs is that the animation model for Sabra lacks the sixth head, which was meant to represent the Aurelus Faction.


Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]

Physical Game[edit]

While Sabra has not seen a physical release as a standalone toy, it is a component of the Fusion Bakugan Sabra x Pyravian.