Haavik's Thrall

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Haavik's Thrall were the main antagonists of Bakugan: Armored Alliance. They were a group that was comprised of four humans and a feline mind-controlled by the alien Haavik, who came to Earth to have fun through destruction.

The group were disbanded when Haavik left the earth after his defeat in the events of Miracle Planet, which caused the other members to stop being controlled by him.


Identity Attribute Bakugan Position and Notes
Haavik anime.png
Bbp darkus.png Primary Bakugan: Sabrus Darkus

Fusion Bakugan: Fangzor x Aquos link=Bakugan
Sabrus x Aurelus link=Bakugan

Former Leader
McQ anime.png
Bbp pyrus.png Primary Bakugan: Cycloid Pyrus

Fusion Bakugan: Garganoid x Darkus link=Bakugan

Former Member
Sophie Judson-Warfield anime.png
Sophie Judson-Warfield
Bbp aquos.png Primary Bakugan: Centipod Aquos

Fusion Bakugan: Cloptor x Darkus link=Bakugan

Former Member
Everett Ray anime.png
Everett Ray
Bbp haos.png Primary Bakugan: Maxodon Haos

Fusion Bakugan: Cyndeous x Pyrus link=Bakugan

Former Member
Calloway Storm anime.png
Calloway Storm
Bbp ventus.png Primary Bakugan: Cimoga Ventus

Fusion Bakugan: Hydranoid x Aquos link=Bakugan

Former Member
Ebony anime.png
Bbp ventus.png Primary Bakugan: Ryerazu Ventus

Fusion Bakugan: Maxotaur x Haos link=Bakugan

Former Member