Cyndeous x Skorporos

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Cyndeous x Skorporos

Haos Pyrus Cyndeous x Skorporos (Open).png

BAA-Cyndeous x Pyrus anime.png

Faction link=Bakugan Haos/Pyrus
Baku-Gear Tail Shears
Power 800 Bs
Fusion of Cyndeous + Skorporos

Cyndeous x Skorporos, Cyndeous x Pyrus (シンディウス×パイラス, Shindiusu Pairasu?) in the anime, is a tailed knight-like Fusion Bakugan that is made up of Cyndeous and Skorporos, and appears in Bakugan: Armored Alliance. It was used by Everett Ray




Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]


While Cyndeous x Skorporos was planned to see release in many factions, only one ended up releasing. It is therefore the only Armored Alliance Bakugan not exclusive to a special pack type to be a one-of-a-kind bakugan.

Cyndeous x Skorporos Bakulog
Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores Included In Base Bakugan

Cyndeous x Skorporos (Pyrus Card) ENG 185a CC SV.png

Cyndeous x Skorporos (Pyrus Card) ENG 185b CC SV.png

Pyrus Darkus Cyndeous x Skorporos (Open).png link=Bakugan Pyrus/Darkus



4 Icon-damage.png

7 Icon-damage.png

Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.pngBakuCore Helix Symbol.png Pyrus Cyndeous
Darkus Skorporos
BBPAC.png Aquos Ventus Cyndeous x Skorporos (Open).png link=Bakugan Aquos/Ventus Icon-power.png1200 2 Icon-damage.png
  • Cancelled (Officially Unreleased)
Aquos Cyndeous
Ventus Skorporos
BBPAC.png Haos Pyrus Cyndeous x Skorporos (Open).png link=Bakugan Haos/Pyrus Icon-power.png700 10 Icon-damage.png
  • Cancelled (Officially Unreleased)
Haos Cyndeous
Pyrus Skorporos

Cyndeous & Skorporos (Ventus Card) ENG 200a SV.png

Cyndeous x Skorporos (Ventus Card) ENG 200b SV.png

Ventus Haos Cyndeous x Skorporos (Open).png link=Bakugan Ventus/Haos



3 Icon-damage.png

5 Icon-damage.png

Battle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Fist BakuCore.png Haos Cyndeous
Ventus Skorporos
BBPAC.png Darkus Aquos Cyndeous x Skorporos (Open).png link=Bakugan Darkus/Aquos Icon-power.png1500 4 Icon-damage.png
  • Cancelled (Officially Unreleased)
Darkus Cyndeous
Aquos Skorporos
BBPAC.png Diamond Cyndeous x Skorporos (Open).png Diamond Diamondlink=Bakugan Haos/Pyrus Icon-power.png1500 15 Icon-damage.png (Evolved from Haos/Pyrus Cyndeous x Skorporos)
  • Cancelled (Officially Unreleased)
Haos Cyndeous
Pyrus Skorporos