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BAA-Garillion anime.png
Faction Aurelus Aurelus
Power 700 Bs
First appearance Ancient Golden Bakugan Garillion
Voiced by Akihiro Tajima (JP)

Garillion (ガリリオン, Garirion?) is an armored, bipedal Kelion-like Aurelus Bakugan that appears in Bakugan: Armored Alliance.


Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]

In ancient times, Garillion and a group of Bakugan from the five factions traveled to prehistoric Earth. As Garillion refrained from participating in the factions' fight for region, a meteorite threatened the planet, forcing Garillion to unite the factions and summoned the Infinity armor to become Garillion Infinity to destroy the meteor. Despite their victory, the fallout caused the Earth to change, which forced Garillion and the Bakugan to enter hibernation as other lifeforms thrived.

Following the merging of Vestroia and Earth, Garillion was awakened and traveled to the Maze as he he studied the bond between the Bakugan and human children. In response to the alien Haavik releasing his artificial Bakugan Sabrus against the Awesome Brawlers, Garillion revealed himself and defeated the five-headed Bakugan.

Physical Game[edit]

Garillion does not exist in the physical game. Whilst one of his model's components, Kelion, does, it does not have an Aurelus form.


  • Garillion's CG model in the anime is a combination of Kelion's head and Apollyon's body without weapons.