Lord Brakken

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Lord Brakken
Brakken anime.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Bakugan Ventus Trunkanious
Haos Zentaur
First appearance In the Wild
Voiced by Blake Johnston

Lord Brakken is a secondary character, antagonist under Tiko's control, of the Generation 2 franchise that debuts in the Bakugan Battle Planet anime

He is the current king of Brakistan, and a former servant of Tiko when he was under his control.

He owns a Ventus Trunkanious and a Haos Zentaur.



Lord Brakken is the king of the country Brakistan, he is very young and powerful, jailing anyone who criticizes him. He is a big fan of The Awesome Ones, and has a crush on Lia Venegas, to the point where he asked for her hand in marriage.


Brakken "The King of Brakistan" has been a fan of the Awesome Brawlers since they first gained internet fame. He has a mad crush on Lia and looks for ever opportunity to try and marry her. Being a King he thinks he's one of the best Brawlers in the world, after a few massively embarrassing failures he's determined to train hard and beat Dan and the others so he can win Lia's heart. He's got a whole kingdom behind him to achieve his pursuit. [1]



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