Maxotaur x Zentaur

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Maxotaur x Zentaur

Ventus Haos Maxotaur x Zentaur (Open).png

BAA-Maxotaur x Haos anime.png

Faction link=Bakugan Ventus/Haos
Baku-Gear Fusion Boomerang
Power 800 Bs
Fusion of Maxotaur + Zentaur

Maxotaur x Zentaur, Maxotaur x Haos (マクスタウラー×ハオス, Makusutaurā Haosu?) in the anime, is a armored, horned centaur-like Fusion Bakugan that is made up of Maxotaur and Zentaur, and appears in Bakugan: Armored Alliance. It was partnered with Ebony.




Bakugan: Armored Alliance[edit]

Physical Game[edit]

Maxotaur x Zentaur Bakulog
Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores Included In
BBPAC.png Pyrus Darkus Maxotaur Zentaur (Open).png link=Bakugan Pyrus/Darkus



 ? Icon-damage.png

12 Icon-damage.png

  • Cancelled (Officially Unreleased)
Pyrus Maxotaur
Darkus Zentaur

Maxotaur x Zentaur (Aquos Card) ENG 155a CC SV.png

Maxotaur x Zentaur (Aquos Card) ENG 155b CC SV.png

Aquos Ventus Maxotaur Zentaur (Open).png link=Bakugan Aquos/Ventus



5 Icon-damage.png

7 Icon-damage.png

Battle Planet Magic Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Shield BakuCore.png
  • Shields of Vestroia Baku-Gear Packs
    • Ventus/Aurelus Pharol x Gillator Ultra Baku-Gear Pack
Ventus Maxotaur
Aquos Zentaur
BBPAC.png Ventus Haos Maxotaur x Zentaur (Open).png link=Bakugan Ventus/Haos



3 Icon-damage.png

6 Icon-damage.png

Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.pngBakuCore Helix Symbol.png
  • Only available in Diamond form
Ventus Maxotaur
Haos Zentaur

Maxotaur x Zentaur (Darkus Card) ENG 167a CC SV.png

Maxotaur x Zentaur (Darkus Card) ENG 167b CC SV.png

Darkus Aquos Maxotaur x Zentaur (Open).png link=Bakugan Darkus/Aquos



2 Icon-damage.png

4 Icon-damage.png

Battle Planet Fist BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Fist BakuCore.png Aquos Maxotaur
Darkus Zentaur
Maxotaur x Zentaur (Diamond Card) ENG 146 RA SV.png Diamond Maxotaur x Zentaur (Open).png Diamond Diamond Icon-power.png1500 5 Icon-damage.png
  • Shields of Vestroia Starter Packs
    • Diamond Pegatrix x Goreene Ultra Starter Pack
Diamond Maxotaur
Diamond Zentaur

Ventus/Haos Maxotaur x Zentaur is available exclusively as a Deka and in Diamond form, and is the only Reboot Bakugan to have a Deka form that does not correspond to a normal release form.

Trading Card Game[edit]

Shields of Vestroia[edit]