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Baku-Gear symbol

Baku-Gear are a gameplay mechanic and feature that will be introduced in Bakugan: Armored Alliance.


Baku-Gear will appear in the Bakugan: Armored Alliance anime, it is unknown how they will work.


Baku-Gear can be obtained through Bakugan Ultra + Baku-Gear or Baku-Gear Packs, but they currently are only cosmetic. Despite them coming in different Factions, they will always come with a random Baku-Gear card.

Known Baku-Gear[edit]

  • Bolt Blow - a Baku-Gear resembling a crossbow, has been seen in Haos coloring
  • Cannon Gear - a Baku-Gear resembling a cannon, has been seen in Pyrus coloring
  • Magma Blaster - a Baku-Gear resembling a back-mounted cannon, has been seen in Pyrus coloring
  • Wings - a Baku-Gear resembling a backpack with a pair of wings and side-mounted missile launchers, has been seen in Aquos (Wings of Aquos) and Haos (Wings of Haos) coloring
  • Scorching Swords - a Baku-Gear resembling a pair of swords, has been seen in Darkus and Aquos coloring
  • Mechclaws - a Baku-Gear resembling a large pair of claws, has been seen in Darkus coloring

Bakugan with Baku-Gear[edit]

The following Bakugan are available with physical Baku-Gear toys. This can be through Bakugan Ultra + Baku-Gear Packs or Baku-Gear Packs (4-Pack).

Armored Elite[edit]

  • Pyrus Pyrus
    • Pyrus Dragonoid Ultra
    • Pyrus Howlkor Ultra
    • Pyrus Hydorous Ultra
    • Pyrus Pegatrix Ultra
    • Pyrus Ramparian Ultra
  • Aquos Aquos
    • Aquos Batrix Ultra
    • Aquos Dragonoid Ultra
    • Aquos Hydorous Ultra
    • Aquos Nillious Ultra
    • Aquos Trox Ultra
  • Haos Haos
    • Haos Hydorous Ultra
    • Haos Pegatrix Ultra
    • Haos Tretorous Ultra
  • Ventus Ventus
    • Ventus Batrix Ultra
    • Ventus Dragonoid Ultra
    • Ventus Gillator Ultra
    • Ventus Howlkor Ultra
    • Ventus Trox Ultra
  • Darkus Darkus
    • Darkus Eenoch Ultra
    • Darkus Gillator Ultra
    • Darkus Howlkor Ultra
    • Darkus Hydorous Ultra
    • Darkus Nillious Ultra
    • Darkus Sairus Ultra
    • Darkus Trox Ultra
  • Aurelus Aurelus
    • Aurelus Dragonoid Ultra
    • Aurelus Nillious Ultra