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A Phase is a gamestate of the Bakugan Reboot Trading Card Game that makes up part of a turn. There are four different Phases in the Trading Card Game, and each has different steps and actions that players can undertake during them.

Start Phase[edit]

Main article: Start Phase

The Start Phase is the very first phase of each turn. It consists of two steps: the Draw Step and the Energize Step.

Draw Step[edit]

The Draw Step is first thing that happens during the Start Phase. During this step, each player simultaneously draws a card and places it in their hand.

Energize Step[edit]

During the Energize Step, each player may Energize a card from their hand.

Roll Phase[edit]

Main article: Roll Phase

During the Roll Phase, each player selects and rolls a Bakugan of their choosing.

Selection Step[edit]

Each player first selects which Bakugan they wish to roll. To be be able to roll a Bakugan, it must be closed and not open due to winning a Brawl Phase.

Roll Step[edit]

Simultaneously, each player rolls their Bakugan towards the Hide Matrix. Each player must roll from at least two card lengths away, and the Bakugan being rolled must roll without encountering any obstacles such as cards, other Bakugan, or non-BakuCore elements on the field.

Brawl Phase[edit]

Main article: Brawl Phase

The Brawl Phase is the part of the turn where the two players play cards and use abilities to win the turn.

Power Step[edit]

During the Power Step, both players play cards and use abilities to become the Victor.

Victor Step[edit]

Any effects that occur specifically during the Victor Step, such as the Victor Tag-Word Ability are activated here.

Damage Step[edit]

The player that did not win the Power Step flips over the the top card of their deck, face up and one by one, until they flip over the same number as the Damage they took, or a Flip Card is flipped and played.

End Phase[edit]

Main article: End Phase

Play Step[edit]

Both Players may play cards and use abilities during this step. This is last point in the turn

Charge Step[edit]

All Energy Cards for both players are recharged.

Reset Step[edit]

All Bakugan are set back to their base Damage, B-Power, and Faction.