Brawl Phase

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The Brawl Phase is the third phase of each turn. It consists of four steps: the Power Step, the Victor Step, the Damage Step, and the Retracing Step.

Power Step[edit]

During this step, players may play cards and use abilities that add to the batch.

The winner of this phase is the player whose Bakugan ends with the highest B-Power, after both players have passed on their ability to play cards and utilize abilities.

If both player's Bakugan's B-Power's are tied during this step, and both players pass, then a B-Power Tie Break happens.

B-Power Tie Break[edit]

For a B-Power Tie Break, the Victor is determined by both players flipping the top card of their deck. The winner is determined by which player's card has the highest Energy cost.

If a B-Power Tie Break occurs, and one player does not have any cards left in their deck, then that player loses. If both players have no cards left in their deck, then the game is a draw.

Victor Step[edit]

The start of this step starts after the Victor of the Power Step is determined.

Any effects that occur from a Victor being declared, i.e. the Victor Tag-Word Ability, enter the batch.

Players may play cards and add abilities to the batch during this step.

Damage Step[edit]

During this step, Damage is dealt to the player who loses the Power Step. To deal damage, the player flips cards face up from their deck, one at a time. These cards are placed into the Discard Pile.

Players cannot play cards or use abilities during this step, unless a Flip Cards being flipped and played by its owner. Once this occurs, players can play cards and use abilities. However, any cards played after a Flip Card that would change the Victor's Bakugan's Damage have no effect.

After all Damage has been dealt, players may resume adding to the Batch by playing cards and using abilities.

Team Attack[edit]

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Retracting Step[edit]

As soon as this step begins, all Bakugan are removed from any other portion of the Brawl Phase.

The Victor's Bakugan are left open and placed on their respective Character Card, with the exception of a Team Attack, in which case all three of the Bakugan involved in the Team Attack are retracted.

If the non-Victor player had a Bakugan involved during the Brawl Phase, it is retracted and any attached BakuCores are placed back onto the Hide Matrix.