Damage Rating

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The Damage symbol

Damage Rating, (ダメージレート, Damage Rate), is a term in the Bakugan Battle Planet game. It is the Bakugan's attack power and determines how much cards the opponent loses.


Dealing damage primarily comes from the Damage Rating of Character Cards and evolved Bakugan through their Evo Cards. There are some cards that have effects that can deal damage as well such as Jenkins, which can make a Pyrus Pyrus attack of 2 Icon-damage.png. When damage is being dealt, whatever initiated the damage is called the damage origin.

If a Bakugan's Damage Rating becomes negative, it is treated as 0 when counting damage and does not subtract from a Team Attack.

Once the player takes damage, the player being dealt damage flips that many cards from the top of their deck, one at a time, and places them into their discard pile. Damage can be stopped if a player flips a reveal Flip Card. For example, if your Bakugan takes damage from an opponents Haos Haos Bakugan with a final calculated Damage Rating of 10, you will have to discard 10 cards, but if the fifth card you reveal is Halt Haos, then you can Battle Planet Stop Symbol.png (Stop) the Haos attack and not take the rest of the damage.