Trading Card Game

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The Trading Card Game is a version of the Reboot Bakugan game that was introduced during the run of Bakugan Battle Planet. It is more complex than the Toy Battling Game, as it makes use of a forty card deck with special abilities and interplay.

How to Play[edit]

For a more detailed explanation of how to play, see Trading Card Game/How to Play.

Competitive Play[edit]

Spin Master has shown an interest in having the Bakugan Trading Card Game act as a competitive game by using local hobby and game stores to host tournaments and other similar events. During Armored Alliance, they released a branch of product under the Bakugan Pro title, in order to cater to more competitively interested fans. However, multiple attempts to make this a reality have failed, for reasons ranging from Spin Master reneging on its promises to interested stores to issues with supply lines during the 2019 coronavirus pandemic. Certain stores have received some product, but other stores otherwise ran into issues getting Spin Master to respond to any of their requests.

There was a attempt for Spin Master to engage with local game stores during the summer of 2020, however this attempt failed for many of the same issues.