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Faction Wheel

The Bakugan Battle Planet Factions are representative of the Bakugan element system. This is the new name for Attribute in Bakugan Battle Planet.

Compared to the previous series, the Attribute symbols have changed due to Sega Toys owning the symbol designs. Additionally, the symbols are no longer printed on the Bakugan ball. As of Bakugan: Armored Alliance, the faction symbols are now printed on the Bakugan again.

All Attributes return from the Battle Brawlers series except for Subterra (Ventus has taken the Earth aspect). The reason for Subterra being removed in the reboot series is because the Attribute was deemed "unpopular" by SpinMaster. A new Faction (Attribute) known as Aurelus has been introduced into the game and has taken the spot of Subterra.

In Bakugan: Evolutions all Factions had their color scheme changed.

List of Factions[edit]

Icon Name Element Colors
BBP Pyrus.svg Pyrus Fire Red, Orange, Dark Red, and Yellow (Current).

Red, Orange, Black, and Lime (Former)

BBP Aquos.svg Aquos Water Blue, Teal, Orange, and Yellow (Current)

Blue, Cyan, Black, and Orange (Former)

BBP Haos.svg Haos Light White, Silver, Light Cyan, and Yellow (Current)

White, Azure, Grey, and Turquoise (Former)

BBP Ventus.svg Ventus Earth Lime, Dark Green, Dark Red, and Yellow (Current)

Green, Lime, Black, and Yellow (Former)

BBP Darkus.svg Darkus Dark Energy Black, Magenta, Silver, and Mint (Current)

Black, Purple, Grey, and Lime (Former)

BBP Aurelus.svg Aurelus None Yellow, Gold, Bronze, and Silver (Current)

Gold, Silver, Black, and Metallic Dark Grey (Former)

???.png All-Faction All Silver and Gold

Colors in italics were introduced to the pallet during Geogan Rising


Battle Planet introduced a special variant of Bakugan called Diamond, which is not considered a Faction but functions as more of an Evo type.

Icon Name Element Colors
BBP Diamond.svg Diamond None Clear and the color of its respective Faction