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Double Strike Icon.png DoubleStrike is a Combat keyword in the Bakugan Battle Planet Trading Card Game. Bakugan with the DoubleStrike symbol Double Strike Icon.png deal twice their damage Icon-damage.png when they are attacking.

DoubleStrike is exclusively found on cards with the Pyrus or Aurelus Factions. It is the only Combat keyword not found on BakuCores, meaning that one must run either Pyrus or Aurelus to have access to it.

Cards with DoubleStrike[edit]

Ability Cards[edit]

This section contains all the Ability Cards that feature a DoubleStrike effect.

Battle Brawlers[edit]

Bakugan Resurgence[edit]

Age of Aurelus[edit]

Armored Elite[edit]

Fusion Force[edit]

Shields of Vestroia[edit]

Secrets of the Geogan[edit]



This list contains a list of Bakugan, or their respective Evo, that contain an effect that features DoubleStrike.

Battle Planet[edit]

Character Cards + Evos[edit]
Exclusive to Evo[edit]

Armored Alliance[edit]

Character Cards + Evos & Fusions[edit]
Exclusive to Evo or Fusion[edit]

Geogan Rising[edit]

Character Cards + Evos[edit]
Exclusive to Evo[edit]