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Double Strike Icon.png DoubleStrike is a Combat keyword in the Bakugan Battle Planet Trading Card Game. Bakugan with the DoubleStrike symbol Double Strike Icon.png deal twice their damage Icon-damage.png when they are attacking.

DoubleStrike is exclusively found on cards with the Pyrus or Aurelus Factions.

Cards with DoubleStrike[edit]

Ability Cards[edit]

This section contains all the Ability Cards that feature a DoubleStrike effect.

Battle Brawlers[edit]

Bakugan Resurgence[edit]

Age of Aurelus[edit]

Armored Elite[edit]

Fusion Force[edit]

Shields of Vestroia[edit]

Secrets of the Geogan[edit]



This list contains a list of Bakugan, or their respective Evo, that contain an effect that features DoubleStrike.

Battle Planet[edit]

Character Cards + Evos[edit]
Exclusive to Evo[edit]

Armored Alliance[edit]

Character Cards + Evos & Fusions[edit]
Exclusive to Evo or Fusion[edit]

Geogan Rising[edit]

Character Cards + Evos[edit]
Exclusive to Evo[edit]