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McQ anime.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Pyrus Pyrus
Bakugan Cycloid
Wrath (temporarily)

Team Haavik's Thrall (Former)
Gregorius Reed (Former)
Gate Crushers (Former)
First appearance Midnight Train Battle!
Voiced by Jeremy Harris

McQ is a Pyrus Brawler of the Generation 2 Franchise that acts as a major antagonist in Bakugan: Armored Alliance, a secondary one in Geogan Rising, and a minor one in Evolutions.

Initially, he was a businessman who produced devices for adults to use Bakugan, but lost his job when these devices were banned. After that, he turned into a black-market dealer. Later, he got controlled by Haavik and was a part of his team until the finale. In Geogan Rising, he continued with his work as a Blackmarket dealer until he got recruited by Gregorius Reed to participate in the Battle Judgement tournament. In Evolutions, he became a member of the Gate Crushers until they were apprehended by AAAnimus though he managed to escape.

He uses two Pyrus Bakugan: Cycloid and Toronoid and the Pyrus Geogan Surturan. He also used Wrath during his objective to absorb the Elemental Storm and transfer the Elemental Energies to him.



McQ is an arms dealer who is partnered with Pyrus Cycloid.[1][edit]

McQ "The Arms Dealer" has a lot of business connections which he uses to build his empire. Ever since the Bakugan arrived on Earth he's been looking for as many ways as possible to maximize his profits by buying and selling all things related to brawling. He's been critical to creating the black market for illegal adult brawlers who use Bakugan control devices. If there's an opportunity to make money you can bet he's already in on it. [2]


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