Crystal Blue

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Crystal Blue
Crystal Blue anime.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Brawling Information
Main FactionMain Faction used by this battler
Aquos Aquos
Bakugan Nobillious
Apophix (main)

Team Gregorius Reed (former)
with Jenny Hackett
First appearance Lightning and Ferascal

Crystal Blue is a major character that appears in Bakugan: Geogan Rising.

She is a mysterious psychic girl that can communicate with both Bakugan and Geogan. She worked for Gregorius Reed, to help him to control the Geogan. Later, she left him because she realized her mistakes in the season finale. Currently, she travels with Jenny Hackett in the search for more Bakugan lost on Earth.

She uses three Aquos Bakugan: a Nobillious, a Maxotaur, and an Apophix as her Main Bakugan. She also uses two Aquos Geogan: Stardox and Swarmer.





Bakugan: Geogan Rising[edit]

Prior to the start of the series, Crystal Blue somehow made her way into the realm of the Geogan, where she gained the ability to communicate with them.

Bakugan: Evolutions[edit]

Crystal Blue returns in the episode Drago vs. Falcron! where she told the Awesome Brawlers and Hamilton Bomburg during their field trip that the Elemental Energy is interfering with the gates on Vestroia. In the episode Suspicious Hackett, following the end of a misunderstanding, Crystal Blue enrolls at the Bakugan Academy as a student alongside Jenny Hackett.



Bakugan: Geogan Rising[edit]

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