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AAAnimus Inc. is a global, multinational organization formerly operated by Benton Dusk, and currently operated by Philomena Dusk. It has been in the Dusk family at least as far back as Philomena and Benton's father.

Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

While AAAnimus Inc. is a global organization, it is currently unknown what specifically they manufacture or produce.

AAAnimus Inc. sponsors a group of young Battlers, called The Exit Team. This group uses codenames related to operatives rank, with Aay being the leader, and E being the lowest ranked member.


Identity Attribute Bakugan Position and Notes
Philomena Dusk (portrait).jpg
Philomena Dusk
Bbp haos.png
??? Chief Officer of AAAnimus Inc.
Benton Dusk (portrait).jpg
Benton Dusk
Bbp darkus.png
??? Former Chief Officer of AAAnimus Inc.
AAY (portrait).PNG
Bbp ventus.png
??? Leader of the Exit Team
BEE (portrait).PNG
Bbp aquos.png ??? Second in command
CEE (portrait).PNG
Bbp darkus.png ???
DEE (portrait).PNG
Bbp haos.png ???
E (portrait).PNG
Bbp pyrus.png ???