Brawl for It All

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Brawl for It All
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 44
Previous The Throw Down
Next Career Opportunities

Brawl for It All is the forty-fourth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on April 20th, 2019 alongside The Throw Down.


With all the members of The Exit and The Awesome Ones down with no strength to battle except for Dan and Magnus, the final brawl begins. Magnus uses his device to evolve Nillious into Hyper Nillious, Wynton wonders how Nillious did this, but Strata tells them that Magnus' device helps him. Drago struggles to handle the blows of Hyper Nillious, he gets knocked down, with Dan asking if he's okay, Dan reminisces about the times where he and Drago became partners and nobody could stop them. The partners always found a way to win the brawl - even if they're facing off an evolved Bakugan, they can still win!

Drago tells Dan that he can't evolve, he's been worried about it all this time, the only reason he evolved was because of the Core Cell. Dan's words changed Drago's mind, there is nothing to fear as long as they are together. Drago clashes with Hyper Nillious, Nillious uses Nova Burst against Drago, but he somehow withstands the attack. Dan suddenly starts to feel the power of the Core Cell, he throws a BakuCore and activates Pyrus Evolution, evolving Drago into - Hyper Dragonoid! Hyper Dragonoid is powered up, and deals quick punches against Hyper Nillious, even dodging Nova Freeze. Dan throws a BakuCore to activate Drago Fury, which Magnus counters with Shadow Fog, Drago's attack is too much for Nillious, Drago's evolution is powerful. Dan tells Drago to finish it, but Drago collapses, the two Bakugan have taken a lot of damage; it's up to whoever can claim the most energy to decide the winner.

A flashback shows Magnus' past, he and his sister Emily were alone on the streets, they Bakugan battling is Magnus' one and only hope, it's his only way to survive and makes something of him, battling is a way out for him and his sister. They struggled to survive every day, nowhere to go, nobody to turn into. So Magnus took the opportunity from the AAAnimus soldiers, he wanted to see what he can become he pushed himself no matter what was asked, how great the risk, no matter how hard it is. Magnus did these things for his little sister, so losing is not an option for him.

The battle continues as Dan and Magnus continue to draw massive amounts of energy, Magnus struggles and collapses, but the two Brawlers throw their BakuCores to activate attacks. Hyper Nillious uses Nova Burst while Hyper Dragonoid uses Dual Strike, Drago's attack overpowers Nillious', defeating Nillious once and for all. Dan and Hyper Dragonoid have won the battle, and Dan's friends run to congratulate their friend. Magnus slams his fist, the Bakugan control device malfunctions and gets destroyed, his teammates come to him. In the end, The Awesome Ones have won the battle, and Drago has finally learned to successfully evolve.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Dan Kouzo (Drago) vs. Magnus Black (Nillious) = Dan and Drago win