The Throw Down

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The Throw Down
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 43
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The Throw Down is the forty-third episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on April 20th, 2019 alongside Brawl for It All.


Dan wakes up from a nightmare about the event at the volcano where Magnus laughs about how Dan can't draw out the Core Cell's power, and Hyper Nillious' attack on Drago. The Exit Team news story continues to be popular, which annoys the AO. The AO believe AAAnimus is behind The Exit, but they don't know what they're planning. Lightning tries to tell them, but he can only be understood by his Bakugan, so Phaedrus tells the truth. AAAnimus appears to be pulling all the stunts with The Exit Team to distract the public so they can excavate the Core Cell site.

The AO travel alongside Lightning and Phaedrus to find the Core Cell site before they are stopped by the new Exit Team that appeared on the news. Magnus tells the AO to leave and stay away from the Core Cell site, but Strata and China Riot send out their Bakugan when Magnus told them to back off. A battle begins, The Awesome Ones versus The Exit Team; the AO Bakugan and the Exit Bakugan clash, but the Exit have the upper advantage due to their tech that converts BakuCore energy. Dan doesn't want to attack Nillious because he's scared about the incident in the volcano where Drago didn't evolve. Lia and Shun tell the other Exit members that they've gotten stronger, but when they power up, they'll be on top. Lightning, Wynton, Shun, and Lia evolve their Bakugan to power up; Lia, Shun, and Wynton are shocked about Howlkors evolution due to them not being there.

The evolved AO Bakugan knockback and deal big damage against The Exit. Dan, on the other hand, refuses to fight, and calls back Drago, he tells his friends that Drago can't evolve and he's holding his partners Bakugan - he can't be a part of his team anymore. Dan's friends tell them that all these things they've done, discovering Bakugan, evolution, the Maze all happened because he was there, Dan is important to the team. Magnus tells them to quit talking and the battle resumes with all the members The Exit launching attacks against Lia, Wynton, Shun, and Lightning's Bakugan. Magnus then calls back Nillious due to the massive power that is being unleashed. In the end, the massive blast of attacks sends everyone's Bakugan back into ball form. The exchange of attacks drained the strength of everyone in their Bakugan, except for Dan and Magnus - the fate of the battle is now in the hands of the last two standing.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • The Awesome Ones vs. New The Exit Team = Everyone loses, but Dan and Magnus are the last ones standing