Or Forever Hold Your Peace

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Or Forever Hold Your Peace
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 58
Previous Hide Matrix and Seek
Next Two Sides of the Coin

Or Forever Hold Your Peace is the fifty-eighth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on August 18th, 2019 alongside Hide Matrix and Seek. It was released early on August 2nd on the CN App.


Lia tells the female servants that she has decided not to get married after all, shocking them as they have to bear the bad news to the mad with power Lord Brakken. Lia opens a window and looks at the grand tree, she believes she knows what is buried beneath it, so she escapes the palace to search for more answers. Meanwhile, Dan, Wynton, Shun, and Lightning are attempting to escape again before Callous finds what they did. Lightning managed to escape, and finds Lia digging to find the entrance to the Maze.

Lia and Lightning succeed in finding an entrance to the Maze, while Dan, Wynton, and Shun are locked in a prison and have to blow their constricted Bakugan to cause them to fall and wake up. Dan and his friends succeed, with Callous being shocked they summoned their constricted Bakugan before Lord Brakken tells his servants to stop, this time he knows he will win the brawl. Lord Brakken sends out a new unseen Bakugan, Haos Zentaur. It's a battle with Dan (Drago), Wynton (Trox), and Shun (Hydorous) vs. Brakken and his Zentaur, but Wynton and Shun discover there are traps that force their Bakugan back into ball form.

Lia and Lightning discover there was a Core Cell under the tree after all, they attempt to activate it with the connectors and succeed. Back with Dan, Drago is struggling not to hit the trap that Zentaur is forcing him into, Lia and Lightning return telling Dan that it's time for them to get out of there. Brakken says Lia promised to marry him, but Lia challenges him to a winner take all battle; if Lia loses, she has to marry Brakken - but Brakken can't cheat. It's a clash between Pegatrix and Zentaur, and Lia tries to talk with Brakken about how he may not be a "super supreme battle king". Brakken says he doesn't lose, but Lia believes its because he's a mean spirited ruler and his people don't dare to defy him, so his actions will lead him to become a lonely king. Lia activates Haos Evolution and evolves Pegatrix into Hyper Pegatrix, who uses Pegatrix Drill to finish off Zentaur. Brakken has lost the brawl and realizes he was wrong, he thanks Lia for teaching him he was wrong. The AO leave Brakistan, with the Awesome Ones having their first success at making a Core Cell open source.

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