The Forbidden Isle

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The Forbidden Isle
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 53
Previous Awesome vs. AAAnimus, Part 2
Next New World Orders

The Forbidden Isle is the fifty-third episode of Bakugan Battle Planet and the premiere of the second half of the season. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on August 4th, 2019 alongside New World Orders. It was released early on August 2nd on the CN App.


The Awesome Ones are sent by Benton Dusk on a private airship to an isle in order to find Core Cells so they can become open-sourced. They arrive at Magli Island, Wynton shows off his latest upgrade to his Core Cell Capturer device thanks to Benton's technology - The Ultimate Extreme Burning Infinity Core Cell Capturer, Omega Version. Dan tells everyone that they should explore the island until Wynton comes up with an idea to battle in order to get the Core Cell to react.

Dan and Shun battle with their Cyndeous and Fade Ninja until they notice a kid named Kino who asks if they are Bakugan, and reveals he owns one as well. Kino battles Dan and sends out his Bakugan, Pyrus Kelion. Kelion's Grand Riser and Asteroid Lance are easily deflected by Cyndeous. Suddenly, a man starts to yell at Kino and the others, telling them to stop, outsiders are trying to destroy the island. Despite the Drome reversing the damage, the man, who is revealed to be Kino's Grandpa, tells the Awesome Ones and Kino that they were still irresponsible and damaged the island. Kino's Grandpa tells Dan and his friends to leave the island, but Kino insists they were teaching him how to Bakugan battle and were his friends. His grandpa tells him to listen to what he has to say, and Kino runs away.

Kino looks at the island and tells his new friends that his grandpa believes all outsiders will bring trouble and cause destruction to their island home, especially because this issue has happened recently. Two thugs call out to Kino and the Awesome Ones, telling them to give over their Bakugan, one of them sends out a Bakugan, Ventus Turtonium. Dan Kouzo tells the thugs that they would not give Bakugan to clowns like them. Drago's speed and power easily overpowers Turtonium and breaks through his defenses and defeats him. The two thugs run away, but Turtonium is left behind, Wynton takes Turtonium in as a new partner. Shun then looks around and realizes Kino is missing, and they notice Kelion was left behind.

The AO go see Kino's Grandpa in order to tell him that his grandson has disappeared, but his grandpa believes it is the "wrath of the island" as Kino damaged the island. In order to save their new friend, the AO go to rescue Kino by themselves, who was kidnapped by the two thugs.

Characters Seen[edit]

Bakugan Seen[edit]

Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Dan Kouzo (Cyndeous) vs. Shun Kazami (Fade Ninja) = No result
  • Dan Kouzo (Cyndeous) vs. Kino (Kelion) = No result, interrupted by Kino's Grandpa
  • Dan Kouzo (Dragonoid) vs. Thug (Turtonium) = Dan Kouzo and Drago win