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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 99
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Planet-Ception is the ninety-ninth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 19, 2020 alongside United We Stand. It was released early On Demand for major cable providers on November 15, 2019.


After losing control of Benton, Tiko has finally revealed himself again, the final showdown has begun. Tiko is ready to finish Drago/Maximus off so he won't stop his plans, attacking him with Bodybreaker and Hidden Hand Strike. The power of the legendary armor blocks Tiko's attack, and Drago counters with Tail Crusher and Maximus Backdraft. Despite being armored with the legendary armor, Drago and Tiko are evenly matched. Tiko becomes furious after Drago regained his name and power, so he unleashes his true form, which resembles the Mega Bakuzon. Pegatrix recalls that this Mega Bakuzon form is what pushed them and Vestroia to the brink of destruction, which scares the Bakugan. Tiko's ultimate power easily finishes off the other hero Bakugan, so Maximus tries to use Impact Force to finish him off for good but ends up losing the legendary armor after Tiko punches him.

Dragonoid is back to his base form, Tiko is too powerful and the Great Core Cell is almost completely infected by the V Virus. It seems like there is nothing our heroes can do, but Dan has another plan; Lia films a Livestream and Dan tells everyone to "look to the skies". Dan's plan with Philomena from earlier was to find Kravitz and take back all the confiscated Bakugan. With the help of Shargo, Kravitz, Kelion, Kurin, Kino, and Kino's Grandfather, everyone's Bakugan is returned to their owners. Dan calls for everyone to Bakugan battle with their friends in order to save the world, which results in everyone activating Dromes around a world. The immense number of Dromes causes the whole planet to become a Drome, Dan's plan to cure the V Virus is by using the energy of the Dromes and Bakugan battling on a massive scale.

Even though the Great Core Cell is corrupted, it is using its last amount of power to allow all Core Cells to give a large amount of energy. With everyone's power, Dan borrows their strength to evolve Drago into Dragonoid Maximus once again to defeat Tiko once and for all!

Characters Seen[edit]

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • The Awesome Ones, The Exit Team, China Riot, Magnus Black, Masato Kazami, Philomena Dusk, Pyravian, and Goreene vs. Tiko = Continued in the next episode