Bakuzon at the Gates, Part 2

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Bakuzon at the Gates, Part 2
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 98
Previous Bakuzon at the Gates, Part 1
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Bakuzon at the Gates, Part 2 is the ninety-eighth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on January 12, 2020 alongside Bakuzon at the Gates, Part 1. It was released early On Demand for major cable providers on November 15, 2019.


Benton/Tiko now has the Great Core Cell under his control, but the brawlers aren't ready to accept defeat. Titan Nillious runs to stop Benton but is outnumbered by Bakuzon Lupitheon, Zentaur, and Garganoid, turning back to its base form. The Bakuzon just keep coming, but a fire attack comes from the sky, Dan and Drago have returned!

Drago has regained his memories, including his true name, Maximus. Benton says there is nothing they can do to stop him, so he'll play with them while he waits for his plan to complete. Dan evolves Drago into its Maximus form, which surprises everyone. The ultimate warrior clad in legendary armor faces off against Hydranoid. Hydranoid's Torching Cyclone and Elemental Storm are no match for Drago, Drago responds with Maximus Flare Fist. Wynton, Lia, and Shun face off against Tripp, Brakken, and Toshi, with the power of their Bakugan, they defeat their opponents.

Philomena and Lightning arrive on top of Phaedrus, having done "their job", leaving it to Shargo to finish it. Philomena mentions that she and Benton found Hydranoid and Apollyon when they were children. The fact that Tiko awakened it and is controlling it is unbearable to her, so she sends Apollyon into battle. With Apollyon's Haos Sonic Chain and Sonic Shockwave wearing down Hydranoid, Drago knocks out Hydranoid with Impact Force, allowing Pyravian and Goreene to heal the infected Bakugan. Hydranoid becomes cured by the Golden Drome, which means Benton does as well, Tiko leaves Benton's body after dealing with the energy. A furious Tiko turns from ball to Bakugan form and begins his final battle against Drago/Maximus.

Characters Seen[edit]

Bakugan Seen[edit]

Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Shun Kazami vs. Toshi = Shun wins
  • Lia Venegas vs. Brakken = Lia wins
  • Wynton Styles vs. Col. Tripp = Wynton wins
  • Dan Kouzo (Dragonoid) vs. Benton Dusk (Hydranoid) = Dan Kouzo and Drago wins