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Top Slot
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 22
Previous Home on the Run
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Top Slot is the twenty-second episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on February 2nd, 2019 alongside Home on the Run.


Shun is training with Fade Ninja, while the bored Dan, Lia, and Wynton watch Shun train over and over, Dan decides to use Drago to battle Shun while a samurai looks over the AO in an airship. Fade Ninja uses Clone Army against Drago, Dan commands Drago to use Back Draft, but he becomes tired from using the attack. Drago couldn't stop Fade Ninja's sneak attack move and he points his sword, proclaiming the battle is over. Wynton congratulates Shun and Lia got the battle on video, Dan gets angry and runs away.

Shun finds Dan at the burger joint, Dan is eating a lot of grub and almost chokes when Shun appears. Dan is surprised how he and Fade Ninja are so strong together, Dan was giving it his all when he was battling. The two hear a noise outside that everyone gathers to see, a ship lands and the samurai man appears, claiming he has business with Dan. The man talks about how he saw Dan battle earlier, and how he was incredibly clumsy and unskilled, he challenges Dan to a battle to test his skills. The samurai reveals himself as Shargo Ronin, who is on a training journey. Dan accepts the battle.

The battle is Drago vs. an Unknown Samurai Bakugan, but Shun wants to enter the battle as well. Shargo compliments Shun's skills but says he is too good to pair for Dan. He questions Dan about if he has enough strength to protect his teammates since he is talking as if he was the team's leader. Drago takes a brutal strike from the sword of the Samurai Bakugan and is almost down for the count until Shun sends out Fade Ninja. Shun tells Dan he should pull himself together or else he will lose the battle, Dan tells Shun that he isn't a good battler like him and Shargo is right, he pleads to Shun on what to do next. Shargo tells the two brawlers that its time to end the battle when two extra Samurai Bakugan suddenly appear. The brawlers discover that these aren't copies, but three Bakugan being controlled at once. Shun tells Dan that the katana swords are the key to defeating, Drago grabs the sword, which allows Fade Ninja to use Silent Snare to immobilize the three Samurai Bakugan leading Drago to finish them off for good with Flame Wave.

Shargo loses the battle but tells Dan and Shun that while they may have won, his journey is not over yet and he will meet them again. Dan thanks Shun for helping him out because he would have been in big trouble, Shun then responds that Dan is a true leader because he responds to his teammates well.

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