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Home on the Run
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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 21
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Home on the Run is the twenty-first episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired in the United States on Cartoon Network on February 2, 2019 alongside Top Slot.


At the airport, Toshi, Koda, and Keiko leave to find Shun and bring him back to Japan. Dan is thirsty and wants to find something to drink, but the town's stores are closed, Shun offers Dan to come to his place, but the other members of the Awesome Ones realize they never been to Shun's house. They arrive at Shun's home, which is a hotel. Shun speaks about his father having many successful businesses after Dan mentions about his father having to be rich to afford all these things. Shun mentions his father wants to turn Bakugan into a business.

Shun and the others arrive at the lobby and find Toshi, Koda, and Keiko - his father's assistants, so they quickly leave the building before Toshi can spot them. In Shun's room, Toshi finds out Shun is “out again”, so he decides to wait. Since Shun can't return because they will likely still be there, Dan decides that Shun should stay at Wynton's house. The AO eat dinner at Wynton's house, and Shun is awfully quiet, not wanting to eat due to him never sitting at a busy dinner table, and is grateful that Wynton allowed him to stay here. Later, Shun lays in bed and recollects how he just met Dan, Lia, and Wynton, and how he now feels part of a family. The next day, Shun decides to go back to the hotel room to get his belongings despite having the risk of confronting Toshi. Shun leaves a concerned Dan, Lia, and Wynton behind and ends up running into Toshi, Koda, and Keiko who tell Shun that his father wants him to come back to Japan. Shun refuses and wants to stay and hone his Bakugan skills, but Toshi responds and challenges Shun to a brawl.

Toshi activates the drome and sends Fade Ninja out, giving him an ultimatum, if he wants to stay - he must defeat Toshi. Fade Ninja's attacks deal heavy damage against Hydorous, Toshi tells Shun that he's still a child and needs his help in order to keep him safe. Dan, Lia, Wynton, and Lightning then arrive and want to help Shun because they are a team, but Shun tells them that he needs to prove his strength by winning this 1-on-1 battle alone. Shun continues the battle but now knows not to fall for the same tricks Fade Ninja used. Shun uses Mysterious Mist to conceal Hydorous, and Fade Ninja attacks with his sword, but Hydorous bites the sword to withstand the attack. The other members of the AO cheer for Shun, who tells Toshi that he won't go back to Japan, wanting to stay here with his friends and brawl here.

Toshi recollects about Shun's past, how he watched Shun for his entire life, he never had friends and he was so lonely, but now he has become stronger. Despite this, Toshi says the battle must end now and commands Toshi to use Clone Army, which causes Fade Ninja to multiply, Shun counters the attack with Aquos Hurricane to get rid of the clones. The two Aquos Bakugan stand, going for one final attack, the last Bakugan standing is Hydorous - Shun wins the brawl.

After the brawl, Toshi says he and the other bodyguards will return to Japan for now, and gives Fade Ninja to Shun as a gift, he tells Shun he has found a place to belong with The Awesome Ones. Later that night, Shun is allowed to stay in the Styles household, as an “exchange student”. Wynton and his siblings welcome Shun to his new home, and Shun is grateful.

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