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Season Bakugan Battle Planet
Episode No. 9
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Frenemies is the ninth episode of Bakugan Battle Planet. It aired on December 28th, 2018 alongside Strata's Fear.


Two new Bakugan Brawlers, Shun and Magnus, try out for the AO.


The mall is being attacked by Aay and Mantonoid until a boy with glasses (Magnus) sends out a Darkus Webam to stop Aay. Then, a boy named Shun Kazami says he can help Magnus, he sends out his Bakugan - Aquos Hydorous. Magnus says he is fine on his own. Dan, Wynton, and Lia arrive at the scene and Lia comments on how they've never seen Magnus (disguised) and Shun, Aay flees the scene.

Dan talks about how awesome it was that the two boys saved the day. Magnus talks to Dan and wants to become a member of the AO, Wynton says they aren't looking for new members. Magnus says he came all the way in order to join the AO, Dan believes perhaps he could join if he can pass a test since he came all this way. Shun also introduces himself and has a similar story, he came from Japan and wants to join the AO.

Shun and Magnus send out their Bakugan, but the test isn't a battle, it is several tests of balance, swimming test of stamina/endurance, a hot dog eating contest.. Magnus is annoyed about these tests, Shun comes to Magnus and offers water, saying if both pass this test they will be teammates, Magnus doesn't want the water, going to Dan and questions how many more tests there will. Magnus offers a battle but Dan says the two should race instead. Hydorous and Webam (with their owners) race towards the mountain, Magnus is annoyed and wants to have a real battle, he commands Webam to attack Hydorous. Magnus uses a BakuCore and powers up Webam. The AO wonders why Magnus is attacking Shun and Hydorous because this is supposed to be a race. Shun doesn't want to give up, Dan questions Magnus on why he is doing these bad actions, he's out of control. Magnus wants to show Dan how he's strong, with a battle. Dan tells Drago to go, Magnus sends out Fangzor to stop Drago, to stay out of this… Lia and Wynton respond by sending out their own Bakugan, Webam uses a web to capture Pegatrix and Trox. Magnus uses Cinder Coil and proclaims he is the best ever, Shun tells Hydorous to go protect the AO, and Magnus tells Webam to finish Hydorous - Hydorous loses and turns back to ball form. Magnus laughs and says he has shown them that he is strong enough to join the AO.

Dan decides the next member of the AO - Shun. Magnus is mad because he won, but Shun fits more in the team because he thinks about his teammates. Dan tells Magnus that he thinks about himself so he can't be part of a team, before turning to find that Magnus left. Magnus shows up in a building and Aay laughs about how he helped him try to get into the AO but he still couldn't, Magnus says he will crush the AO.

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